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Disappeared on 2016-10-17

I have lived at my current address for more than 12 years and what I and my 5 year old daughter witnessed about a month ago still has us perplexed. My daughter and I were driving back to the house at roughly 9:30'ish in the evening. It was already pitch dark outside and had been for some time. To ge...

When Dreams Come True on 2015-11-02

When I was a child, a distant relative told my mom that I was "gifted" and given the family history, my mom knew what she meant. From an early age, I have possessed this uncanny ability to dream things that come true. Often times the dreams are pointless; just random conversations that play out w...

Similar Dream on 2015-10-28

After a suspected arson, we found ourselves homeless and still owing for the burnt remnants of our past life. No savings and not much beyond the clothes on our backs, we set out to find an "affordable" rental place. It needed to be a furnished home and pet friendly. Our search turned out to be more ...

He Said His Name Was David on 2015-10-26

He said his name was David. I first met him when I was in elementary school - fifth grade to be precise - and since that first chance encounter he has been in and out of my life like a passing storm. The first time we met I was on a school field trip. I remember this so well because it was the f...

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For the life of me, and those who knew David back in the day, his last name remains a mystery. I never knew where he went to school or if he did. Seems like when I met him, he was homeschooled. I know that the farm where we met was sold not quite 3 years after that school outing. There was a death and the benefactors sold the land. Now, there is a strip mall, apartment complex and a Bar-b-que in its place.
And David always brought distraction and left devastation in his wake. He could've even been the one to give me the heroine that night at the bar. I don't know. I'll never know. As with all things about him, it's a mystery. Strangest of all, there are no pictures, no letters nothing other than some memories that prove he was ever a part of my life. It's unsettling. I would think him a figment of my imagination if my friends and family didn't remember him, albeit vaguely.
Date: 2015-11-03
Miracles51031 thank you so much for the encouragement. I use to keep a journal but my college beau thought that these dreams were "of the devil" and suggested that I destroy them. All of this after our little West Virginia experience. Thankfully, he was out of my life not so long after that trip but not after I had decided to stop journaling. I bought several with plans to write again but I haven't as yet. I'm very thankful that others seem to have this as part of their lives too.
Date: 2015-11-03
kaykay3313, sometimes I remember dreams that don't happen, like the last one I shared. But normally, I only remember the premonition dreams because they are so vivid and realistic. I am in my 40's and this has happened as long as I can remember. It is so strange and people don't understand it. When I was a teen, I saw my friend's death 6 months before it happened. I warned him and he believed me but 6 months is a long time to remember a warning. Stranger still, the night it happened, I knew. When the call came to tell me about it, I already knew though that had never been part of the dream. Can't explain that one either.
My grandmother would hear the most beautiful music as someone close to her died. We were sitting together playing Rummy one night and she kind of jolted, smiled and said, "Aunt Pearl just crossed ovder." Within 10 minutes her phone rang and it was confirmation that her aunt Pearl had passed.