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Funeral Home Cleaning on 2016-11-28

Several years ago, I was working in juvenile corrections in Eastern Kentucky. My best friend, let's call her Jennifer, had her own cleaning business and one of the clients was a funeral home. There were two funeral homes that Jennifer cleaned and both were very busy. Of course, you can't clean a fun...

Another Story From The Group Home on 2015-11-18

I recently shared a story about one of my experiences working for the State of Kentucky in a juvenile offenders group home that was a former TB hospital. The first story was "Group Home Ghost." Actually, the building that housed the group home was actually one of the buildings that the doctors and n...

Group Home Ghost on 2015-10-22

I've worked for many years in many capacities for the State of Kentucky, working with juvenile offenders. This story has to do with a time that I was working at a group home for juvenile offenders. Around October of 2005, I was working as a counselor in a state group home. The building that house...