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not using this anymore, as ever since I started to use it things have gotten so much worse. Ever since I stoped using this the wierd things stopped. Sorry...
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The Balloon Ghost on 2015-12-10

This is my first story, and it freaked me out. I have a friend (an adult) and I seriously think her house is haunted. I saw the first sign about 2 months ago. The owners of the house have twins (one year old) and one of them has this balloon that she loves. She has had it for about a year (it's r...

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I think it is quite strange that you were never visited by the actual doll. Did you ever see the doll in person? Or was it just pictures and videos? Or Maybe the doll chooses just to be seen as a spirit, and not a doll. This doll is very interesting, and I was wondering if you knew any other websites (preferably without pictures) This is a very interesting post. Good job!
has anything happened since? Like more voices or stuff like that.
i think that if you see her a few more times, try to interact with her. You may find out more about her (she may start to appear more, in different places, and those places may be places she once lived, visited frequently ect.) but if it stops, do not try to summon her, as she may actually be evil, or she may have left for various reasons, and you may find yourself stuck with a more evil spirit latching to you. Hope this helps! 😊