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Always Be Careful Of What You're Saying on 2015-11-03

I'm a 15-year old Indian girl living in Malaysia. This is the story of my very first experience with something supernatural. I believe that things we can't see, or in other words ghosts and spirits, do exist. I'm the kind of person who love watching horror movies and reading horror books, but later ...

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permramaan- No worries. I didn't feel hurt or offended in any way. I just wanted to know more about what happened and I thank you for your advice or I would have never known the trouble I might get myself into:)

Otter- My friend says so too. She said maybe there was a spirit that wants to disturb me and made me think that it was something related to him (the fairy). Although I was confused at first, but it kind of make sense.

I'm so sorry that you still have to go through these paranormal stuffs. I hope it will stop soon. As for me, nothing had happened after that night. Maybe because I didn't really take it seriously so whatever it was, it might got tired of trying to get my attention

I still can't seem to stop watching horror movies though. I'm addicted to them.
But I'll try reducing them to a minimum.
Thanks for reading my story and I appreciate your advice.
mirandakellyamethyst- I'm humbled by your comment. Thank you very much as this will motivate me to excel further and encourage me to write more. Thank you again:)
Blackmoonmage20-Thank you so much for your advice. But just for a clarification, I'm a Hindu but I don't pray to him.:)

Whodat- I don't know. I just don't want to provoke anything anymore. I respect everyone's opinions and beliefs:)

Permramaan-I'm so sorry if you felt offended. I'm a Hindu as well but my family don't pray to him. But of course I respect everyone's belief and I wrote this story to share with people the lesson I've learnt. Anyways thanks for your advice and I apologize again:)
Anyways, thank you for reading my story. I really appreciate that. I'm happy that I can share my experience with many people. 😊
mrmonty- Yeah, I probably shouldn't have talked about him. I would have saved myself from trouble.
brettscharf - Oh thank you! I thought my English was bad. So yeah, I think so too. I just came to know that my great-grandfather used to pray to him. But maybe my family didn't continue the tradition. Anyways, this was like my first experience ever and it really freaked me out 😨