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My Recent Paranormal Experiences on 2015-11-16

Not too long ago I wrote about seeing my grandmother, 'nanny', at my grandparents' old house. Don't worry if you haven't read it, it doesn't apply to this. I was so pleased and blown away by the kind responses I received. I guess I'm so used to being called a liar or other things online when I try t...

Visit From Grandmother on 2015-10-28

Place of origin: PEI, Canada Hello, I can't remember for sure when this happened. I know it was when I was either 17 or 18, for an important story you'd think I'd know for sure but time has a way sometimes. My grandmother passed (from now on I'll call her nanny cause I always did) a couple years...

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I said in my earlier comment I had the first surgery in January 2012, I also had 2 more serious surgeries in January 2013 (followed by an infection 2 weeks later) and in December of 2013. So there's been a lot of different energies that spirits might of been attracted to.
Thank you everyone for your comments. I was diagnosed in summer of 2011, had a big surgery in January 2012, and an emergency surgery 3 days later when bowel burst. In February Dad was diagnosed and he passed just a couple months later. He was not a believer in the paranormal, he outright dismissed such claims, one of those persons who would see a ghost right infront of them and shrug it away. I tried to get EVPs from him and as much as I want to see him, I think he's in a better place and not biting. At least not in a way I can see or hear. MAYBE the sitting on the bed was him, but the shadow figure and phone call were definitely not. Perhaps the graveyard does have an effect, and maybe my cancer has made an energy that attracts them. Dark energy does want to feed on people at their weakest, so I just have to keep positive. Again thanks for your comments and I'll talk to my Mom about the smudging!
Date: 2015-11-03
Thank you everyone for your comments 😁. It's nice to have a place to post this where people aren't making fun of me or calling me a liar. This is what really got me into the paranormal, looking back. My family has had other experiences that I will continue to post.