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Something Followed Me Home on 2016-03-29

When I decided to submit my stories here, I thought about doing it in chronological order. But it's impossible to do so because new things happen, or you remember an important situation that you would really like to share. For me to be more precise about this story, let me tell you a little bit ...

The Haunted House My Friend Moved Into on 2016-02-04

My friend "D" moved to a very old house complex in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Well she always had the tradition of having a lot of people around and I always visited her house, and being one of her best friends, took care of her dog Fred whenever she traveled. The house was a very well structured,...

When I Embodied An Entity on 2016-01-25

I posted about my experience with an entity when I used to work at a rehab center. There I had many encounters and vivid experiences, bad and good ones. This one actually happened in my final days there, and it was physical. Since I'm a medium I got to experience one of the worst experiences of my l...

Who/what Was Outside on 2016-01-12

I consider myself, and have been considered by others including experts on the subject, a medium. Since my childhood I've had experiences with the spiritual world and until this day don't get used to the knew experiences I have constantly. They are so many that if I tell all of them, I could write a...

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Date: 2016-03-29
Hello Spooked81! What a kreepy story. I would have been terrified. Well I am actually from Salvador Bahia, and I have some posts here that all took place in Salvador. Check them out if you want to. Spiritual energy exists anywhere, specially in old buildings, and specially! When they are under reconstruction and repairs. I don't why, but spirits that are attached to matter, to their houses or the places they liked to go to, get angry and agitated when the environment changes. I sense this was no evil spirit, just an active one, that wondered around as if it was still alive, and you were the one who got to feel its presence.

Hello Mhanne,

Yes this is truly a creepy story. Until today I get the creeps just to think about it. Thank you for your complements!


I got the goosebumps reading ths story. So beautiful. Your grandpa is surely protecting you.


Hi spiritwaiting!

Yeah imagine! I look at the house today and it gives me the kreeps just to look at it. I swear I hated to go there, I only went because of my friend and everytime I went I knew something was going to happen. That house could be a movie plot. Lol. I myself don't know how I managed to go there so many times.

Hi Lady-glow

Miracles51031 actually said exactly what I was going to answer. Mediums don't pick up everything. Most of the times we pick up the characteristics of the entity and if it's good or evil, if we are sensitive enough we can have a mental comunication. I asked the gatekeeper about the house because I had to be sure about everything I was experiencing there. And yes, the wizard died in the house.


One other book I forgot to mention that is a MUST read. This book really cleared my doubts, and it describes the mediunic tables that you said you have never heard about.

Heaven and Hell

All the books were psychographed by many superior spirtis through Allan Kardec.

Just one correction: Inferior beings can talk through mediums at mediunic tables, if they are allowed to, if there is a purpose, even they need to be instructed.
Hello DandK!

I'll be glad to answer this for you. I follow a religion called spiritsm. It is somewhat like Buddhism, and it stands for reincarnation of the soul and evolution of the spirit through reincarnation.

Spirit empathy is when we have bonds like family, friends, etc. Some souls follow each other through lifetimes. Not necessarily in your family, sometimes you have a best friend that you love more than your sister, because your are connected spiritually and follow each other. Some of these spirits don't need to reincarnate, but they still have love for you and want to protect you (I must say that some of these spirits can have love and protect many people at the same time, but the guardian angel only protects you).

As well as your guardian angel, your friendly spirits also influence, and even work together with your guardian to work things out for you. Although we have free will and this path can be changed. They help you when you are not supposed to do something, work among the good ones to build a good path for you in your life and specially protect you from the dangers of life.

Nothing happens without the permission of God, and sometimes bad things happen because they have to. Either because you have to pay for past wrong doings or for a lesson (also because of wrong doings)

Your guardian angel is exclusively yours. You hear his/her voice more than the others. But you can also hear and feel your friendly ones.

Hope I was able to clear your doubts.
Hey Mack!

Exactly. Like I said to Rook in the post above, I wasn't sick but I was indeed stressed, because the job itself was extremely stressful. Not possession, but an attack by what you have described.

Thank you and let's keep on our seek for the unknown.
Hey Rook!

You know you have the perfect view of what happened to me. I agree with you completely. No I was not sick at the time. But yes, stressed because that kind of job is stressful itself. Dealing with addicted girls, having to separate fights all the time, deal with mood changes. It is not easy, so by the time you go to bed, you are at your limit. But not sick though, at all. But yes, I think it came in with one of the girls and it found me as a sensitive.

Thank you Rook for your understanding.

First of all, who ever said I got a fever? I didn't mention in my post whatsoever I got a fever.

Second. You know how I am 100% sure nothing is going to happen? Because I have FAITH! I guess I don't have to explain to you what is faith right. Also because I PRAY, and praying is the best thing you can do when you request for something.

Third. Just because you are a medium from United States does not mean you are right about everything. Unless you are a superior being. I am a psychic from Brazil. So? Does make me better than you?

So I guess it is your belief against my, your experiences against mine, your religion against mine. I Guess this site is for us to share about our experiences, not to demand what is right or wrong.

I have a religion called Spiritism, if you have never heard about it, and about mediunic tables, maybe you should study more. Here are three books that will REALLY clear your doubts:

- What is Spiritism
- The book of the spirits
- The book of the mediums

Very good reading. Very nice learning!
Hello Sds! I am sure going to look it up. Thnks Red for you advice. At the time I was a little naive, like I said. But now I can clearly identify negative energy and pray for shielding. It is working. For example: A couple of weeks ago a spirit followed me to work, he wasn't a demon or something like that, but he was a spirit that needed instruction, I felt he had addictions and was still attached to his addictions. I recognized him as a male spirit of a gypsy. I didn't expel him, but I praid for the spirits of light to instruct him, because I wasn't prepared to do so. I'm still not prepared to do a lot of things because sometimes I'm really afraid. I know I need to help them, but I get afraid. A couple of days ago another male spirit woke me up in the middle of the night, I felt him touching me and he said "please wake up a little". I was very afraid, and I praid for the good spirits to instruct him. I have to learn how to do that myself
Hello Lady-glow! Yes, In Brazil not only the government runs rehab centers. There are private ones, paid for, there are private ones that survive by donations and there are the ones paid by the government. No, there is no training about how to handle these situations. I believe "V" led with the situation in a completely bad way, she was not supposed to yell and curse the name of forsaken things. I really don't what is the right thing to do in cases like this, my major is completely different. But it only takes us common sense to understand that yelling does not solve problems.
Hi Redwolf! This event had never happened to me before. I completely agree with you, and as I said to spiritwaiting above, at the time I lacked experience. Now there is no possibility this could happen anymore with evil entities. In my belief and doctrinal, psychics can allow good spirits to communicate only with the purpose of instruction. I myself have been to some mediunic tables where the superior spirit talks through the medium, but only to teach the word of God.
DanDK. Exactly. Good spirits are around us, but for the purpose of helping, teaching, instructing, and working to make things work. Whenever we are born we have one guardian angel (who is with us for all our lives) this guardian angel is with us for a mission or for empathy of spirits. Besides the guardian angel we have friendly spirits or light spirits that are also by our side helping us and influencing us to do the good. Along with the good also comes the bad, which are the obssessors, that come to influence us to do the bad, for selfish reasons like addictions or for the plane pleasure of doing evil.
Hey Mack! I don't really know where to start to answer your questions but I'll try to be as precise as I can, and hope I can clear your doubts. I agree that this might have not been a possession itself, but I am 100% sure that an inferior spirit had power over my body for a while. This event happened for around 3 hours, although I black out only for about 30 minutes. When I speak about an open field I talk about being vulnerable for reasons as: Too much negative energy around, when the person uses drugs, alcohol, when you allow the spirit to communicate through you (which is what the mediums do).

Now let me explain to you about the vibrations: Spirits don't need low vibrations to embody someone, they just need to have an entrance (above) they don't necessarily manifest on every person, sometimes they just use the energy the person is emanating at the time.

Higher spirits don't come to use people's bodies for any kind of manifestation, only to give instructions and help the incarnates and with the permission of God. Some are so divine that they don't need to be authorized to instructions.

For me to say those things is not only by guess, but since I have accepted myself in this condition, I have studied Allan Kardec a lot and have a long way to go. Here in Brazil there was a great medium called Chico Chavier, I advise you and the readers to study about his instructions, and study the books of Allan KArdec. The book of the spirits and the book of the mediums is very interesting. Heaven and Hell is another great reading.

I don't understand you as not believing my story which by the way is completely true. I am thankful for your comments and hope I have helped
Hi spiritwaiting! Well I've had experiences all my life. But when I was younger I denied myself as a medium, and only started to work on that after my twenties because this gift really doesn't go away, so there's nothing you can do about it. At the time the story took place I really didn't know how to recognize low energies and how to shield my self. Now I am learning how to recognize these kinds of frequencies. Even when there is a communication (by mind) I can recognize if it's coming from a guarding spirit or a simple joker. I'll get better in time. I have also learned to protect myself with prayers whenever I feel there is something wrong, and avoid certain places too.
Hi Liza 25. Sorry for the delay. I'm pretty sure it was because of the 30 girls who were shifted. I only felt that sadness feeling when I got divorced. I know it was a very disturbing and agonizing feeling.
It was chapulin1234. And the next day it felt like I had been run over by a car. Obssessors is the name of these entities. They use the human energy to feed on their addictions.
Hello RedWolf! Actually being a medium opens up your fields of energy. That is why on mediunic sessions only mediums work so the spirit can communicate through them. Possession is any kind of forced being in your body. I agree with you, it came in on an inmate and it found in me the must easy way of communication.
Date: 2016-01-25
Hello PJS1977! Yes it was terrifying that night. I agree with you about the supervisor's anger unleashing this thing. Calling names of demons can send out bad energy and it attracts bad things as well.