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Small Town Haunting on 2015-11-10

So I grew up in a small town called Clifford in Ontario. The house I grew up in was a historical home, it used to be the town's doctors office and temporary morgue. There was actually a square section of concrete on the wall in the basement where the 2 morgue drawers used to be and the front door ha...

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Date: 2015-11-18
My mom's very religeous and doesn't believe in it and my dad thought something was a bit strange. My brothers and I experienced strange things a lot though. I wish I had put more work into the story. I forgot to mention that we found a bunch of toys and medical texts from the 1920s in the attic and my brothers and I started hearing steps and sounds a lot more after that. My older brother and I experienced the most creepy things.
Date: 2015-11-17
He had a vent in his wall in the same spot I had one so I could open it and even see into his room if his was open enough. It was connected to a heating duct but it was the spring and we didn't have the furnace or AC going. I mean, maybe, but that doesn't explain how I heard it until I turned the knob on his door (through the door).