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I have an interest in the paranormal and saw my first spirits when I was very young. I have had paranormal events happen to me ever since. I have a wide range of hobbies which include gardening, cooking, baking, reading, watching movies and playing with my pets. I am my husband's caregiver - he was disabled while serving in Iraq - and therefore, I am retired.
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Can An Entity That A Live Person Creates, Follow Them? on 2015-11-12

My husband, Bob, and I had been married for two years when he was released from active duty in the Army. We moved to his hometown in Michigan and he tried to fit back into civilian life after 8 years in the military. However, things did not go smoothly for us and after a few months, I was in a downw...

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Thank you all for your advice. KayKay - I actually don't work anymore and my husband doesn't drink anymore. I have tried to move into a more stress-free lifestyle. No life can ever truly be stress-free but I honestly do not feel stress at all anymore. My husband went to Iraq and we had a very difficult time when he came home (disabled), but then he had 3 strokes and his whole personality changed and he had to quit drinking. I am now his primary caregiver at home. I retired to take care of him and it has been the best time of my life. That's when this entity stopped being so mean, and is now just annoying. I no longer get angry at anyone for anything, and don't even remember the last time that I got into an argument with anyone. The last mean thing was when it growled and we were having a lot of stress at that time (a few years ago) when my step-daughter and 4 grandchildren were living here, right after Bob came home from Iraq and we were having the house remodeled. The kids went back to Kentucky after my husband's strokes. The entity became annoying after that and just does poltergeist activity or tries to scare me. I have become closer to God, I pray more, I have no negativity in my life and my family and I am extremely close. I have cleansed the house the best I can, however, my husband is extremely superstitious and I am unable to bring any kind of psychic or anyone involved in that field into my house. Not sure what else I can do.
Rachel, You are not alone. I have always been able to feel when there is a spirit or entity in an area around me and I have always had feelings about certain buildings, houses, and even open areas in the country (some places terrify me for no known reason). I have been like this since I was a child around 5 or 6 years old. I saw my first pair of spirits (an older woman and young boy) when I was that age in my parents house - and it was not a dream. I was wide awake, talked to them and can still describe their clothing to this day, and I am 52 years old now. It is possible that you have some psychic abilities and your brother's passing was a trigger that has brought them out. With things being thrown around, it could be someone trying to get your attention or possibly poltergeist activity. As far as growling and snarls, you should do something about that, possibly a cleansing which can be done with sage. See if that helps. Talk to a medium and see if they can give you more advice. If you are alone and hear loud noises or see things being thrown, ask out loud if someone is trying to get your attention and if they need help or have a message for you. Have a tape recorder going because sometimes you can get EVPs which can give you the answer you are looking for. Don't automatically be scared of seeing reflections of people, because most of the time, spirits are not out to hurt you. 😁