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Mother, Reader, Writer! Blessed to be born a humnan.
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And Then The Boy In Me Spoke! on 2015-11-12

I have drawn a certain fascination for your website as it facilitates a medium for people to pen down their horror stories. I am new here and thus it is my first story. My wedding preparations were in full swing. I, being a bubbly girl and all of 24, was quite upbeat about my future. I was to get...

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Thanks for showing your concern and interest in my story.

God Bless!
Hi WillowWaly,

Yes, absolutely. Mutki is precisely how you descibed it in your comment. Since the dead Rahul's ash was stolen from the crematorium, his soul was forced to be used as a tool to create turbulence in my life, I am sure it was longing for peace and freedom from the shackles of being trapped in a human body against his own free will.

Sadly, it was my aunt 😢 and he named her and of course, she is a notorious lady who has troubled my parents in the past as well. And we are well aware of her dubious character so there was no chance to doubt what was told to us.

And I forgot to mention that Rahul told us that he had died in a road accident. I pity the soul as much as I pity myself for the incident.

May he rest in peace as it was his goodness that let me be free else I would have to live with it for God knows how long!

That's why I say our family's unflinching faith in the Almighty and prayers has worked wonders for our family and will always do!

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Date: 2015-11-19
Sad that you lost your beloved pup to an unfortunate accident. But glad to know that he loves you as much as he did when he was alive!

Both of you are lucky as you share an eternal bond with each other, no wonder he still cares to show you that he is there for you!

God Bless!
Date: 2015-11-19
OMG! Pretty strange but I am convinced that human instincts are never wrong. If you felt the difference in your dad that day, I am sure his behavior must have been different. We humans can have power to sense and feel "enegy" around us whether positive or negative.

But I am glad he was OK soon after his return. I know daughter's are close to their daddies and thus can feel your sentiments about your dad (through that time).

Stay Blessed!
Date: 2015-11-19
Sorry about your father's demise.

But I think you are lucky to have a man in your life who is so concerned for all of you even after his own death!

God bless you all and may his soul rest in peace!
Date: 2015-11-19
OMG! Your dog's untimely barking was a clear indication that something is not right. No wonder your father fell prey to the negativity that too for one whole year.

Hope he is in great spirits like you today.

Very sad that a little life was lost to the greedy man's devilicious plans!
Poor woman! The loss of a child is heartbreaking but nonetheless, good heavens she survived.

I feel sorry for the little soul who had to sacrifice his life so that his mother could live and be there for the rest of the family!
Hi Sheetal,

Thanks much for reading my story and commenting. I have read your stories!

What you said is every bit true. Envy is a deamon that leads humans to sometimes cross territories, they should actually not venture into.

I am really sorry to hear your story and hope that your Chachi is doing fine now. Do take expert help to ensure her well being and that of the other family members.

Yes, I was under expert-care for quite some time but our unflinching faith in the Almighty kept me and my whole family going!

Unfortunately my family has fallen prey to the jealous vultures within the family and we all have been subjected to black magic for years now. Have lot more to share and will do that in my subsequent posts!

Jai Mata Di.
It's quite scary to think that you had to endure such a spooky encounter, all by yourself, in the wilderness!

While we all compel ourselves to give in to our will and taste for adventure, this however, can sometimes backfire. Having said that I really don't mean to dissuade you to not venture out on adventures, yet again, maintaining caution is a great idea. Next time around, if at all you believe in, do recite Hanuman Chalisa. It's magical and helps drive fear out of your system pretty quick.

All the best for your future endeavors!
Date: 2015-11-17

Sorry about the great loss!

However, I strongly believe the shadow was that of your late father, who I assume, had come to bid his final goodbye.

May his soul rest in peace! Stay happy, because I believe your father would have liked the entire family in happy space.

Gob Bless.
You are a brave soul! I would have chickened out. Nonetheless, happy that you and your friend are safe after the encounter. 😁
Date: 2015-11-17
Sooky incident, awesome narration. Cheers to your dad for his sheer display of courage and chivalry!
Thank God your sister survived the devilicious plan of the devil in disguise!
Good narrative of sad incidents: (

Somehow, I believe in positive energy and also in negative energy. If there is good, there has to be bad, to maintain the balance!

How else, would us humans learn to value the goods in our lives!

Really spooky! I must confine that waking up at 3am for no good reason at all is a creepy feeling. I too have had my share of waking up between 2.45 am and 3.15 am and sometimes at bang 3am without any reason! But trust me the feeling is not that nice. I remember when I was pregnant last year with my second child, I used to wake up between the said time without any rhyme or reason and could not get back to sleep until 5am or sometimes 6 am. This coninued for, I guess a couple of months, and then suddenly everything was fine. Yeah, most of you might think it is to do with pregnancy, but trust me, nothing of that sort! Would feel scared and start chanting hanuman chalisa or any other holy chant that would make me feel better! It's kind of funny how we humans feel invisible fear!

All the best. Don't let the fear consume you. Face it and consult someone. Nothing is worth ruining your mental peace.
Awesome story! Blessed are the chosen few like you who help trapped souls to cross over and the sad minds to welcome (finally) happiness whole heartedly. Wonder what would the Doctor have done had you not helped him? I am sure you are a great soul yourself that's precisely why God chose you to come down all the way from Canada to help three souls come to terms with reality!

Stay blessed and All The Best. BTW hope you are doing fine now!
We too believe that a guardian who we refer to as Gari-Deevta (Lord of the home) guards our homes! We also make special offerings to him seeking his blessings and as a mark of gratitude for his services. From stoties that I have heard, Gari-Deevta is tall and sturdy who ensures that our home is protected against all evils and negative energy!
Goodness heavens! Pretty scary. Hope that he has now recovered completely from that shocking night!
If only paranormal had the least bit to do with logic! This world is far from logic and anything near logic. I think the bond between your husband and his deceased uncle is to be blamed here. I hope your hubby is doing fine now and ain't facing any such issues any more!