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Blue Lights At In-laws Farm on 2015-11-12

My Mother and Father in-law took their big European trip in the summer of 2014, leaving the "farm", their sprawling lake property in SW Michigan, unattended. My wife and sister in-law took care of most of the chores while their parents where gone, taking turns feeding the animals, checking the mail ...

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We didn't see any UFO's or any physical evidence in or out side. Dustin and I talk about the incident often. Dustin has stated that he feels the light was, "baiting me" outside, much like the deep sea fish that use bioluminescence to lure in a meal. I'm sceptical. The feeling I had during the incident was "familiar" in some way, I can't quiet explain it. What ever it was, it was standing just a few feet away, just outside the door on the porch. After questioning my wife she stated, "dad told us a Native American burial ground is on our property", I would normally laugh at a statement like that, but my wife's father is a very credible, intelligent man, and a Doctor. I can't say the light was alien or a spirit. I do know, it was one of the weirdest events of my life to date.