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I live in Australia and have a full-time job doing web database management. I currently live with my mother and fiance in a huge Queenslander style house we share with a few close friends. This house I have been in since I was 7yrs old or so, minus the short span of time I lived elsewhere to get away from my mother's (now) ex-husband. It is very active in paranormal things, most of which I ignore...
I will only be writing about instances that actually weirded me out or made me hugely uncomfortable as there are too many little things that happen regularly. I wish I was making this stuff up but on almost all accounts of which I write about I have one or more witnesses to the event.
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The Beginning Of My Living Nightmare on 2016-01-05

This is my first story on this site and I apologize if I'm not the greatest storyteller. I just wanted to share what has been going on pretty much my whole life. This may have to be done in multiple stories but I'll get what I can into this... Just some background info, the house we live in was d...

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My father hasn't been around pretty much since my mother gained custody of us kids. Nor do I bring him up normally, it's a part of our life we pretend didn't happen. The weird stuff in the house has been there since the very beginning, it hasn't stopped but it does occasionally settle down to really small or spaced apart stuff before deciding to rear it's head again really bad for a while after. But thanks for the suggestion DandK
It could have very well been poltergeist activity though I'm not sure why it would be happening now... I hadn't lived here for a few years before moving back in and after my father left the house to my mum and us kids about ten years ago all the negativity was gone. Also the property was never built on before, the couples either lived away from the property or at one time one couple did live in a caravan on the property while trying to clear the trees from the land so as to build. I have tried to do a cleansing but all it's done is quiet down for a week or two and then start up again the same/or worse than before. Thank you for the help though Macknorton.