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Occupational Hazards Of A You Tube Narrator on 2015-11-24

My story actually begins a few months ago when I decided to make a You Tube channel where I narrate scary stories. I seemed to know so many people who had a story to tell so I went for it and ended up with the name Creepy Battenberg. With the help of a good friend I soon had stories coming in fro...

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Miracles, that's cool. No hard feelings I can understand why you would rather I didn't:-)
Miracles, no problem! Sorry for the intrusion and any offence caused:-)
Hi Wada!

Can I just say that I very much enjoyed your account, you have had some rather spooky stuff going on!

I have a you tube channel in which I narrate two seperate shows. One is called Scary True Tales and I would love, with your permission to narrate your story on that show. If you would rather I didn't that's cool!

By the way, I wonder if the spirit may be doing you a favour by knocking off those foam tiles. My brother moved into a new house and was advised he had to remove foam tiles due to them being highly flammable, it might be worth having them checked to make sure they are safe.

Thank you
Thank you again Romanreigns! The Harold page on facebook is a great place to see what is happening with the doll, Anthony regularly updates it. I shall have a look for you on facebook my friend!

By the way you were correct about me having a cold at the time I made the video ha ha:-)
Romanreigns that is very interesting that you should get a scratch on your back suddenly! Of course it may be as you say that you had done it earlier somehow. Did you feel any burning sensations on your back when the scratch manifested?
Allesgute thank you I will have a look at that link, it sounds like one scary film!

I wouldn't blame you for not looking at my video my friend!
Thank you sheetal! Its worth looking into! Harold is one of the most unsettling things I have ever looked into. I put it up there with The Mothman/Indrid Cold. Be warned that a lot of people are affected by merely looking into the Harold story. Look at myself and one of the replies on here.
Amzu15 I must point out that the jane in my story is different to the one in Anthony Quinata's.

Oh and did I say I wouldn't be immersing myself in Harolds story anymore? Famous last words from me, I was contacted by Anthony on sunday night to help him with something relating to Harold.

Just when I thought I was out lol:-)
Babygoatpuller that's really freaky! Kind of funny though, I will have to watch it, it sounds awesome!

The Island of the dolls episode was the first ghost adventures I watched in about three years due to my interest in Harold and really got me back into it:-)
Rook it is indeed the same doll as I mentioned in the Story Thanks for reading. Heres the link for my video if you want to check it out

LianaKathryn I found a website that has no actual pictures its

Amzu15 harolds is a very interesting story albeit one I will follow from afar rather than immersing myself in it the way I did when I was working on the video.

Thank you for reading my story!:-)
Oh and sorry I forgot, I'm not sure about any websites without pictures but I will have a look for you.
Hi LianaKathryn thanks for reading! I have never been in any actual contact with the doll. I have only ever seen pictures of him online. My only contact with Harolds owner Anthony is through e mail and facebook.

The story is that there could be as many as five entities trapped within the doll. There is a painting by a lady who was allegedly visited by these entities. In her drawing was three children, one was a boy and has a shadow like entity chained to him. The last entity is another dark figure much taller than the rest and lurking over them all.

There are many people who have claimed to have some sort of paranormal visitation without ever having physically been near it. Opposite ends of the world in fact.

Thanks again for reading i'm glad you enjoyed it:-)
Caz that's a wise decision! I was warned myself and being quite grounded it didn't worry me too much. I like to think i'm a little wiser now.:-)
Thank you caz! I'm pleased you enjoyed reading the story! If you want to avoid the H Doll on my channel stay away from scary true tales episode 9;-)
YeseGrey 15 thanks! I definitely don't think it was a coincidence, there's so many people have experienced so many different things with harold, none of them good!

You should share your experience with Harolds owner Anthony. He would be very interested in hearing about what happened to you.

Take care my friend:-)
Date: 2015-12-04
I enjoyed that wish-not thank you for drawing my attention to it! It reminds me of something that happened some years back when I lived at my grandmas house.

She had a small west highland terrier called bobby. She would always say how she would see a small white dog when she was alone in the house. I laughed at her telling her it was obviously just bobby. She told me that he would often be in his bed when she saw this other dog.

I really thought nothing of it still thinking it was bobby walking past her or something. My at the time girlfriend would sometimes stay over and when she did we would stay downstairs.

My girlfriend woke up and went to the toilet when I felt bobby walk up my legs and in the dark I could see him settling in. My girlfriend walked back in and I said "someones cuddled in". She told me he hadn't and bobby was still in his bed! I believed her after that although I concede it could have been some sort of waking dream.

As to what the spirits similar to sophie and bobby are, I wonder if perhaps it is another spirit attached to them, possibly a sibling that passed away?

I enjoyed your story!:-)
WillowWaly thanks for reading my story! Theres no need to be sorry for being skeptical there's no way to know if anyone is telling the truth or not so I don't blame you.

And yes you are quite correct about there being a movie about an allegedly haunted doll named anabelle. The film is supposedly based on the true story although I have never seen it and the doll in the film bears little resemblance to pictures I have seen of the actual doll. The one I have seen on the movie poster is deliberatley sinister looking and the actual one looks more like what I would call a raggedy ann doll.

Its easily searchable on google as is Harold if you are interested.:-)
sbst_gh thanks for reading my story I am glad you liked it. Some people do feel uncomfortable just looking at the website. I will be honest and say that never happened for me but everyones different and there are plenty of folks that have felt the same way you did.
Wish-not thank you I will have a read of Sophies Story, thank you!