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A little bit about me.

I have always been interested in the paranormal and have always felt that there was more to me and life then meets the eye.

I do not think I have been blessed with the gift of psychic abilities or anything like that and I think if I saw a real apperistion of a proper looking person I would probably freak out a lot.

I am step mum sort of to, two children that belong to my fiance. He does not believe in this stuff and thinks that I am slightly mad but then again I think that is what drew him to me haha.

Other then paranormal I am like anyone else, I watch TV, trying to get fitter and healthier and also love to read (funny enough though nothing scary).

And that is me. Sorry nothing speacial but there you have it someone out there sees everyone as special some how.
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Feelings At A Funeral on 2016-04-12

I went to a funeral the other day and I was surprised by some of the feelings that I had. The funeral was for my partner's uncle and although I knew him, we were not close so I was going as support for my partner. While we were sitting there I started to get shivers and a headache. At first I did...

Who Was There? on 2015-12-21

Before I moved in with my fiance, I was staying with my mum after losing my flat and my job. When my fiance came to stay with me, we would have an air mattress in my brother's bedroom on the floor as he always stayed when they were at their dad's. One night we had gone to bed as normal and I wok...

Voices That Wake Me on 2015-11-25

This is the first time I have written a story though I have been reading them for months now. I joined the site yesterday so I could become a more active member and share my experiences with you all. I have been living with my fiance and his parents for a year now, although if I am honest I think...

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Date: 2016-08-03
It could have been a very awake, vivid dream that your brother was having. I have woken myself up laughing on occasion as my little girl and I (apparently) often are asleep with our eyes open.

Thanks for sharing creepy, but good read.

Not saying that this is not paranormal just looking at other options.

Blessed Be. Xx
Thank you I appreciate it and will probably take you up on the offer too x

Wow Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

There are so many things I think I could write about to help me overcome some traumers but as they are not paranormal I have not been able to share here.

Thank you though as your story touched me deeply. Your eveil nan sounds like my Mother. Although she is my mother and I love her she is the only one I have we have had some rough times. She is the reason I am afraid of water which is quite amusing in some respects as she has often told me of a story where she had swimming lessons as a kid and was pushed into the pool and nearly drowned. She never went swimming again after that and stays away from pools to this day.

Now with me I have not nearly drowned but I hate water on my face. In a shower or swimming pool when I get splashed or the water hits my face I panic.

When my mum used to wash my hair she would throw the water over my head and I could not breathe I think this is my reasoning. It was continuous and even when I was crying I would just be told to stop ebing a baby so I feel your pain here when you had your hair washed.

Back to the story again as always well written I felt like I was there.

Thank you for sharing and for trusting us here with your peronal tales. I am glad that you had such a good childhood and that you continue to have a good life. It is like a slap in the face to evil Nan. ❤
Date: 2016-06-14
Hey Yomomma,

Another brilliant, yet chilling read. I do love it when I see you have an expreience to share. You are such a good writer and when I read your stories it is like I am there with you.

If you have not you should write a book with all these in.

Looking forward to more 😊
Date: 2016-06-10
I love this story. I am intrigued as to what else was wrong with his face or was it just the sheer whiteness of it that scared you all?

Did the one at the back ever explain why she was so scared for someone that did not see anything or was it because you were all screaming.

I am not sure if I would have looked with that much commotion to be honest.

Thank you for sharing with us.
Date: 2016-06-09
Ive been off this site for a while and this is the first story I read when I came back on.

I loved it thanks for sharing.

As always Tweed an interesting read. ❤
Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I have updated this now and my bio bit lol, so you can email me if you would like.

I will try this and see what happens and of course will keep you updated.

Again thank you for taking the time to help me. That is one thing I love about this site it is like an extended family where we want to help eachother. ❤
Thank you Spiritwaiting I look forward to the email and I appreciate the help. Sorry about taking over your comments here.

Thank you as well buthaya again I appreciate the help and advice. I will definately try this although I can already see the struggle as my mind never seems to shut up. 😁 😆
Hi I have read all these comments and I am sorry I have nothing to add to this. This comment is kind of a selfish act really but I saw you mention meditation and I was wondering if you had any advice or if any others do here? I have been wanting to try but I am not good at the picturing of things. I just can not seem to grasp this aspect of seeing something in my head? Any advice would really help. Apolgies for going off topic and if we are not allowed to talk about it here can someone email me please and help. Email address is ceriwalker1985 at gmail dot com. Thanks
Date: 2016-05-03
Thanks Yomomma I appreciate your input and for reading my story.
Date: 2016-04-28
Another great read Yomomma. Always love the way you wright you draw me right into the story and keep me hooked. Thank you. ❤
I do not have any advice to add on here but I wanted to say hello to someone else from the UK I don't seem to see many stories on here from us. So nice to read your story and I am sorry for the loss of your Grandad I know only too well the pain that causes especially when you live with them. Take care and I look forward to reading more from you. ❤
Date: 2016-04-26
Thank you so much for your help here Tweed. I do have books on developing abilities but when I try and do the pictuing things in my mind it isjust black so like most things in my life I gave up on it. I will read those links though. Thank you
Date: 2016-04-26
Thank you. I have often wondered if Emapthy and psychic abilties are available to all if they are willing to open themselves to that or if they are justa gift to a select few?

I would be interested on hearing (reading) what your thoughts are? 😊
Date: 2016-04-26
It is nice to know that there are people here that are willing to help us that do not always understand these things or in my case read far too much into them.

Thank you.

PS Tweed read all your stories and loved them all so thank you x
Date: 2016-04-26
Thank you all for your comments they all made sense and have resolved my queries. Much appreciated.
Date: 2016-04-21
He might have had a fall and you were the first people he could make contact with. Have you thought of looking to see of any know accidents there or going back to investigate further?

He might think he is just injured and in need of help but he obviously needs help crossing over.

Just a thought.

Blessed be ❤
Date: 2016-04-21
I too have a story like this on this website and had comments about it. I find it amazing that this happens to others here to.

Maybe he/she thought you had enough sleep and that you should wake up. I think mine thought I was just being lazy.

Blessed be. 😆
Hello again yomomma,

So sad that the story ends this way as I love dogs but you did what you had to do.

I am wondering wether dogs, like humans can have chemical embalances in their brains and this caused the anger issues that he faced.

If this is the case I think you may have done your dog a favour just like being physically ill.

Blessed be ❤
Date: 2016-04-21
Dull trees here in the UK too.

Some of them don't even have leaves. 😜