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My Queanbeyan Visitor on 2015-11-24

In 1986, I was renting a small flat in Queanbeyan in New South Wales, near Canberra, whilst waiting for the sale of another property to be finalised. Even though the flat was fairly new, I had decorated it with antique furniture and indoor plants, giving it a cosy Victorian atmosphere; I also regula...

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Date: 2015-12-22
Hi Mack,
Thanks for your message and apologies for the delay in replying - I found your story very interesting. I do think the source is a bit of a mystery, whether it is just the subconscious as you say, also applying it to your situation and that of other musicians. It must be incredibly frustrating not to be able to remember the material you have dreamt, but fantastic, albeit annoying, to have so much music and inspiration come into your head.

As far as the brackets are concerned, I recall that when using two sets of brackets it is appropriate to put the rounded ones inside a set of the squared brackets! I am sure it doesn't really matter, I think it is a case of anything goes these days anyway, as it is, unfortunately with apostrophes in the wrong place (a pet hate of mine).

Back to the music; sometimes if I am meant to be doing something urgently because there are some impending changes of which I am yet unaware, I will get some very definite march music come into my head. It increases in speed and intensity until I have to take notice. It then becomes a bit scary, as I know something is going to happen so I increase the speed at which I am working. The march is very familiar, although I can't recall the name of it, it is always the same one.

To sum up, I do believe that I am receiving messages from my higher self, my guides, or someone else on the other side, but whether it applies to everyone who knows?
Anyway, thanks again.
Date: 2015-12-17
Hi RedWolf and Mystic25,
Thanks so much for your comments, they are very much appreciated. I will be posting more stories shortly, have also just posted one on reincarnation on the psychic experiences site.
Yes, I do believe decor and atmosphere can be a factor in drawing 'visitors', I love creating rooms with eclectic Victorian or Bohemian decor.
Date: 2015-12-17
Hi again Fergie,
Thanks again for your comments and your kind thoughts. No, I certainly wasn't anywhere near where the storm happened, although it was fairly close to where I grew up. I am living in Victoria now, but unfortunately it seems you can't escape these extreme weather events wherever you are these days. This week we have temperatures of between 35 and 41 degrees Celsius and extreme fire danger!
Yes, I do believe that constantly being given messages through songs is fairly unusual, I would like to hear if any others have similar signs.
Thanks again, Regards.
Date: 2015-12-17
Hi LoveOfAbundance,
Thanks so much for your message, it is much appreciated!
Date: 2015-12-13
Hi Jenysue,
Thanks for your message. Yes, I definitely believe that there are spirits attached to a lot of antique and old items, including furniture. There were some mirrors in the room, including on the wardrobe mentioned. I do think the antiques and the atmosphere were conducive to drawing spirits to the room.
Funnily enough, I have dealt in antiques and collectables for many years and constantly have my rooms filled with them; I often think there would be spirits attached to some of them. If there is anything I acquire which has a bad vibration, I will dispose of it straight away, so generally I believe that the ones around me are positive. Their own 'attachment issues' and helping them move on, are another story though!
Anyway, thanks again.
Cheers, Cosmo.
Date: 2015-12-13
Hi again Fergie,
Yes, I have had songs come as signs for a very long time now, about 30 years in fact. Some times they are stronger than others. If I have a song come into my head, especially if it keeps coming, I will have to try and remember all the words of the song and when I discover the particular line, it will almost always be relevant to what is going on in my life.
I have found it extremely interesting, sometimes it is really hard to determine the meaning, but the song will keep coming until I get the message! Sometimes it is an easy message, i.e. 'all you need is love' or something like that, telling me to put love into a situation, but other times it is more obscure. One instance was when I kept getting the song 'LA International Airport' for weeks, it is not a song I even like, but I knew it meant something. After about 2 weeks of hearing it in my head, I eventually worked out that I had a situation in my life at the time in which I was 'acting', as it was a false situation and I was not being my true self, due to fear.
As soon as I arrived at that conclusion and worked on changing the situation, the song stopped.
They can certainly give very strong messages.
I have many other symbolic signs come to me constantly, but they will warrant a whole story in themselves.
Will definitely post more soon though, thanks again for your positive comments.
Cheers, Cosmo.
Date: 2015-12-09
Thanks again Fergie.
I have now had time to read some of your stories and found them all very interesting.
I don't think I have been aware of too many different 'smells' myself, but should try to concentrate on that in the future.
I will be posting some more on other experiences, a lot to do with other signs, also songs which are particularly relevant and either come on the radio or into my head at a significant time.
Anyway, thanks again.
Date: 2015-12-08
Thanks Fergie,
Yes, I love creating a similar atmosphere everywhere I go: it definitely has shades of Grandma's house!
It is great that the 'visitors' do make themselves known from time to time, to show you aren't alone - it is very comforting.

Interesting that you have had 'visitors' in the past. Do you feel there is any reason you haven't had any for a while? From my own point of view, I seem to feel less connected when I have been overly caught up in my physical existence and at those times I probably need to get my life back into balance. I do talk to deceased relatives and friends quite often however, but haven't actually 'seen' any of them. I usually rely on signs or symbols to know who is around me!

Thanks again.
Date: 2015-12-05
Thanks so much for your comments 😁
Yes Mack, I do think he was aware of me and appeared to look straight at me. As he was gliding, he continued to face me, so that when he was 'between' the wardrobe and the bed, he was still facing me.
Thanks also babygoatpuller, I believe that 'ghosts', including loved ones, surround us all the time, some just temporarily slip into our dimension to make themselves visible for various reasons. I am not scared of them, as I feel them all the time, just a touch on the shoulder or on the top of my head can be one of many indications.
Thanks Tweed, yes I feel very comfortable in the cluttered Victorian decor, a past life thing I believe.
I do think that my ghost did decide to 'wake' me up; I found it hard at the time to understand the concept that I could 'see' him clearly with my eyes shut and then actually see him with my eyes open. I do think he probably wanted me to know that I wasn't alone too!
The funny thing was that later, I took that indoor plant (a philodendron), with me when I moved house and I always felt it had different energy to my other plants. Unfortunately I eventually had to leave it behind when I moved again later.
I do try not to have fear of anyone in the physical world, as I believe any fear will attract a similar situation to you; however that is often easier said than done.
Thanks again for your feedback. Cosmo 😁