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My Grandparents Came Back on 2016-01-11

A bit of background. In 2004, my grandma died. In early 2007, I moved 8 hours away, we used to live in the same town and I'd visit every day before we moved. I was extremely close to my grandma and grandpa. Around Easter of 2013, my grandpa had a fifth stroke and was taken into long-term care. In Se...

Multiple Strange Happenings In My Home on 2015-12-03

This is going to be a fairly long post, so I'll give you some background first. I'm a believer although I try as hard as possible to debunk things or come up with theories as to how something happened. Also, I am a real night owl, I sleep from around 6am until 2pm, basically every day. My patio b...

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This was all very nicely written. I hope you and your mother are feeling well soon. Do let me know if anything else happens! 😊