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A Weird Figure on 2015-12-16

According to many people, my room's environment is a bit weird. However I don't understand why they feel weird in my room. I think it is quite comfortable. But it is true that many unexplained incident occurred here. A few days back my cousin and one of her friend came to my house we were discuss...

A Ghost On The Bed on 2015-11-18

Last December, I went to my hometown with my family as my grandmother was dead. One of my cousin, Maria (not her real name) was there with me. We were staying at one of my paternal uncle's house. That house was near a graveyard. One evening we (me and Maria) were just roaming around the house. Af...

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Date: 2016-07-04
The ghost is not evil in nature, so don't worry about that. He just want to you guys to feel his presence. He is a friendly ghost, and I think he tries to help you. So don't hurt him by words and don't forget to wish him in Christmas. 😜
Date: 2016-03-04
Thank you all for your valuable comments. Well, most of the time the lights were on so I don't think that it was hallucination.
Date: 2016-03-04
No I am quite sure that I saw my cousin. If not face, I at least saw his body
Date: 2015-12-06
Your story seems quite real. I don't think that it happened to you due to any psychological disease as it occurred only once.
Sometimes spirits stay in or around our house. In some cases they just try to scare us. However they are not harmful.
But please inform if you were ever harmed by such things.
Hi Kshaya,
I heard such stories before. If you think that this incident is disturbing you too much, you can take expert help. I think it will be best for you.