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United States
I am 56 years old and a self employed professional person.
I have had an interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember.
Especially when it comes to ghosts and hauntings. I guess my real interest
Is in the afterlife and what happens once our physical bodies die. Like a lot of folks
I found that I was not satisfied with the answers religion gave. Too much just didn't
Make sense to me so I continued searching.

For a little background on what I have learned so far

5 years ago I was fortunate enough to become part of a research team that had already
Been in place 9 years before I found them. We use a very scientific and statistical
Approach to our research. Based upon evidence we have gathered the question of whether
There is "life after death" was answered long ago and is accepted as fact.
We are not "ghost hunters" and do not do any investigations of any kind. Our research
Is based at 1 privately owned site which is NOT open to anyone. Not even its location
Is discussed. Our mission is to learn what we can about what happens to us AFTER we die.

I can say that we have ongoing communication with several people who have already died.
It is through those answers that I have formed many opinions that you may read on this
Site. It only makes sense to me that "going to the source" will provide me the best
Answers to the questions that I have. Myself and other team members feel that what happens
After we die can be best answered by those who have already done it and are living on the
Other side now

I can state that a lot of my questions remain unanswered for we have been
Told there are many things that are not for the living to know. I found that frustrating
At first until I realized that the journey we take is part of the learning and growing
We all must experience. There really wouldn't be much point in the journey if we knew all
Of the answers ahead of time.

I really feel this is a warm and nice group of people and I never want to offend anyone
With my opinions but did want to write this bio about myself in case sometimes my opinion
May go against the norm.

Cheers to everyone and keep these great stories coming!

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Doodle Says Goodbye on 2017-11-12

To my friends at YGS This is not a scary ghost story but a "reaching across the veil story" This last Friday (Nov.10) after 4 months from discovering a bad heart murmur in my dog Tinker, (aka, Doodle, Mutt Thing) The time had come to end her suffering and extreme difficulty in breathing. As ...

Hello Mother on 2017-01-09

I come here several times day to read about people's experiences and to offer any advice I can and sometimes just to enjoy posting with friends here. I have had what I truly believe to be 3 events that are all related to each other. This is my story: I am 57 years old and have belonged to a paran...

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Date: 2017-12-19
Thanks to all that have replied.

For those who ask that is my daughter in the photo. She is a twin
But doesn't look much like her sister.

Doodle (Mutt Thing, as I'm sure you can see why) was very special to us all but much more so with me than anyone in the family.
And yes, when I kissed her hello or spoke to her first when I walked into the room I was accused of loving her more than my own wife and kids. 😉 Well, what's a dad to do?
I loved her and miss her every day but I know someday when my time comes she will be waiting. Unruly hair, buck teeth, and all.

Thanks friends

Thanks for sharing about your Grandma's house. I really enjoyed it. I always feel that it is these types of experiences that are the best and truest form of paranormal experience. Sounds like your Grandma had a great handle on those living on both sides of the veil. 😁

Please share more
Welcome to YGS and thank you for sharing.
I could be way off and this is just my opinion
How do you feel about reincarnation?
Although it can be more typical for younger children to experience past life memories it almost seems that is what you were experiencing. The strong feelings of needing to get there are very typical of a person being drawn to a past life. You may need to ask yourself some questions. Did it feel strongly familiar to you? Did you feel like you belonged there? Have you held a keen interest in that geographical part of the world.
If you find yourself answering yes to a lot of those questions it may be worth some consideration and further investigation

Please share more as you see fit. It's very interesting

Sorry that you have had to go through the pain of losing a pet.
It can be hurt like no other. My wife dreamed of our dog two days
After she passed. What makes this unusual is she never remember her
Dreams. Ever. Go read my story called "Doodle Says Goodbye" and
It will be explained in further detail

Thank you for sharing.
Mr Riggs
Another pleasure as always. I for one would be very interested in what you would be willing to share in regards to your 40 minutes spent on the other side.
Perhaps via email? Randy40505 [at] gmail.com
When you have the time of course and thank you ahead of time

Enjoyed your latest
Thanks for sharing
Date: 2017-12-01
Thank you to everyone who has replied

Yes, Doodle was my soul mate in many ways. We just clicked like no other pet I have ever had. She would go out back with me every night
While I read. One time in her youth I felt something watching me.
I looked over my book to see her in all of her glory.
Wild hair, flopped ears and bottom fangs hanging out with a terrible under bite. I fell in love with her that night and every night since that once she was at my feet. When I would leave the family at night to go work in the other room at my computer up she would get and come lay at my feet until bed. I would take her up and put her in bed. All those years I could feel her sleeping in my back.
I do think she was letting us know she was ok and very happy

Thanks again
Hello and Happy Holiday Season to you and yours

If I may I would like to give you my opinion about some things and I reallly hope you consider it constructive as I have read many of your stories and your bio.

First let me say I took a class years ago about paranormal research. It so happens this class was given in a building with a reputation for paranormal activity. I almost had wished the instructor had not let that be known. There was a guy in this class that I'll call "Bob". This man Bob was really one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Just a real friendly all around good guy. Bob had 1 problem though
He wanted to experience something paranormal so bad that the poor guy couldn't sit still. Every time the building would make a noise, as all buildings do, poor Bob was up looking around like an ostrich on crack. He was convinced he had heard a spirit do something.
Point being that in truth that is not a good way to get to the truth. He was doing what a lot of people do. He drew his conclusions and was now ready to make any evidence fit that conclusion. In most cases a paranormal conclusion is not correct
Of course it IS the answer sometimes. But it's a very very very (did I mention very?)
Few times.
I personally am very cautious when drawing a paranormal conclusion anytime sleep is involved. The reason being is this. I have had many episodes of Sleep Paralysis and I know first hand just how convincing our mind can make something seem. Anytime we are in a semi-waking state for any reason our brains can trick us into thinking we have seen,heard,felt,etc. All kinds of things. Our brains are very powerful but just as they are powerful in gathering information from our senses to tell us what's going on around us they can be just as powerful in taking a little information from our senses and fooling they heck out of us in a very convincing way.

Your bio states you want to experience paranormal things. I hope your able to do that to your satisfaction. Sometimes waiting for something paranormal to happen can be as interesting as watching paint dry or watching the grass grow.
When you think you have experienced something though it is critical not to go to the paranormal conclusion first. That MUST be your last option. ONLY after exhausting all other options can the paranormal be considered. Even then follow up information could come to light that makes you have to toss out that paranormal conclusion

I really wish you the best as you seem like such a great and happy person

Also I would love to visit Brazil. Sooooo. If you want to host the YGS Christmas Party then we will just all hop on down your way.
Lady-glow can bring us toothbrushes and we will all have a great time
Don't worry. We don't eat much

Take care
Date: 2017-11-28
Mr Riggs

Thank you for sharing another wonderful experience
I just know your the type of person that I would love to sit on a porch on a pleasant day and spend the afternoon listening to some of your life's experiences and a great deal of wisdom that I know you possess
Please do continue sharing

Date: 2017-11-28
Here are some of my opinions

1st. Wanting companionship at your age is natural. BUT I really think that companionship needs to be from a fellow LIVING being. There are reasons the living and the dead exist in different worlds. You could do yourself some long term psychological damage if not careful.
You MUST also consider you don't really know who your talking to. We all like to think we can't be tricked but they do it every day. The common tactic is to start off friendly and earn our trust and once they do it never seems to turn out good.

I'm not one to hit the panic button but I'm hearing so much in your story that warning bells are going off everywhere. You are also their favorite kind of target
Someone who may be lonely. Not a lot of friends. Perhaps low confidence or self esteem.

This is just my opinion but I think you want advice so here is mine.

Get rid of this thing. Your in the prime of your life when you should be experiencing life to the fullest. Get out there and make some friends. Go live life. The dead will be waiting when your time on earth is done. For now you belong in the land of the living. It's your time to live and enjoy so do that. Please

Date: 2017-11-27

Hello and thank you for sharing your experiences with Vic
I'm of the opinion the closet is where there was something familiar to Vic or possibly where he entered your home from. Even though spirits don't need a particular place they can be creatures of habit just as we are on this side of death.
There was something about your house that made him happy and thus he kept returning there. Have you ever tried to find out who all had ownership or lived there before you? Sure would be cool if you found the name Victor as a occupant from the past.
Really glad you found out a name to put with the man who became your friend
Names help us define who we are. Maybe he did move on or has gone elsewhere for a while. Who knows. You may hear that closet make noise again sometime
There is no hurry on their part as time doesn't mean to them what it does to us.

Thanks again for sharing
Hello Rosebudx

Thanks for sharing
I also would tell whoever this could be to leave your money alone
Define and demand what is off limits.
I want to offer a piece of advice and understand this is just my opinion and others may disagree

You may mark bills as you see fit. Maybe stash them in another hiding place
But. I would keep your parents "off limits" when looking for your marked money
If this is a spirit moving your money and it has bad intentions it could cause some permanent damage to your relationship if it puts your money in their wallets and you then accuse them of stealing. Just something to consider

Let us know how things go
Cold soul

Thanks for sharing.

Sorry but I couldn't stop thinking "Disney" when reading your story
Have you asked around about anyone living by themselves in the woods?
What does your instinct tell you? Real person or Spirit?

Date: 2017-11-25
I too don't like using or referring to these as "stories". No offense to the site owners or mods
When I think of a "story" I think of sitting by a campfire telling made up stories for the thrill of it

I prefer to think of these as "experience's"

Date: 2017-11-25

Hello from Kentucky (Lexington)
We have many similarities
I have a story pending now that hopefully makes it up soon
" Doodle Says Goodbye "
Small 10 pound mutt, but that little ball of chaotic hair was my soul mate
Anyway I know just what you mean about the footsteps. We kept all 3 of
Her puppies and we could always tell which one of the four it was. They each
Have their own distinct walk among other things.
Perhaps Mr Riggs just isn't quite ready yet and his instinct will tell him when it's time
Maybe when he feels your ok and adjusting to your new pal.

I want to say how sorry I am for your loss. I always thought my Mother a bit
Odd the way she loved her 1st poodle. I know now how deep the pain can go
I do believe there will come a day though when you will look up and see that
Tail wagging and butt doing that little "butt dance " dogs do when happy

Take care friend
Hello Lady-Glow
Very interesting story. Must have been very scary for you Mom.
Glad she was able to exercise some control over it.
Prayer and willpower can go a long way and sometimes these things only have as much power over us as we allow them.
Glad she is no longer bother by him.
As for the SP. That still sucks. I have it too but since I learned
What it was and that most of what I thought I saw wasn't real it doesn't scare me anymore. I just kind of wait it out.
Thanks for the story

Thanks for your input
I always forget to look and see the part about if the OP will or will not participate. I'm always wondering why put a story on here and then not be willing to discuss? Those make me think that some just want to toss up a story.
I will at least give credit to the OP on this one.
In spite of stating they wouldn't be relying, at least they came back to try and clarify points in their story

Have a great day
Hello Villifan and welcome

The doppelgänger phenomenon is interesting indeed
Here is what I find different about your case

In most stories I have read about them the doppelgänger seems to
'keep to itself" so to speak. It got my attention that this one really was so active in wanting you to see it. At least it seems that way to me. This is also the first I have heard of one operating a vehicle. Do you remember what type of car? Could you ask your co worker to see his to see if it's the same

I reallly like this experience you have shared but it really has me at a loss

Thanks for the read
Date: 2017-10-26

At the time it was really frustrating. I had never heard of a doppelganger or any such thing.
I know I could not convince this teacher it wasn't me. I thought she was out to get me or something.
Its the same as being accused of something you know you didn't do.

Have a good day
Date: 2017-10-25
Hello Majarlika

I too had a similar experience in high school
I was rarely sick but had to stay home one day with a bad virus

When I returned the next day I got into an argument with my algebra teacher
She wasn't going to let me do makeup work because she absolutely swore she saw me the day before in the hall not 10 feet from her and thought I skipped the class
Only after physically walking with me to the office and verifying with them that my mother had phoned me in sick did she change her mind. She was really convinced she had seen me the day before

Strange world we live in

Date: 2017-10-20
Hello Emmaline

What a lovely experience you had. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think it's so important to note that your encounter shows that interactions with spirits need not be scary at all and serves as a great reminder that ghosts/spirits are not some evil scary being that we should be afraid of. That is Hollywood. Spirits / ghosts are the same as us only they are no longer are confined to a 3-D body.

On another note here is something to think about.
Have you ever wondered as you go about your day and you see people going about theirs, if some of them are spirits? The man you encountered, people walking in a park or on a beach?

Next time you look into a crowd may we all remember that not all of those we see may be living on our side of the veil.

Thank you again for sharing such a wonderful experience and if you have had other encounters I would certainly look forward to reading them

Have a great day