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Following a road I don't know where it goes.
Loving the rainy days.
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They Talk To Us In Our Sleep on 2017-03-17

A while ago I wrote about my own experience, this time I'm going to tell you the story my grandma told me. Five years ago there was a death of a young girl in her village, the village is pretty small so everyone knows each other. After the funeral some time later my grandmother kept having this drea...

A Shadowy Christmas on 2015-12-07

This event happened when I was around six or seven. I am nineteen right now and pretty much nothing changed since then. So it was Christmas and we gathered for dinner. It was my mother, father, sister and aunt. I remember being a bit sick so after dinner I decided I should lay down for a minute o...

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Date: 2017-09-15
What you're talking about is called Gadinka here in Bulgaria it usually apears on a road. Old folks here tell many stories of how when they were young their parents usually when coming back from the fields very late and already dark would sometimes see them they might resemble a person or something completely scary and out of this world. But it's not known to hurt anyone, well except give you a heart attack.
Hello KikiGirl I apologize for the late answer thanks for reading I'm sorry I'm answearing your questions so late... Life just doesn't stop, well atleast for us.
Im going to answear all of your questions
1.Yes she did see the little girl and yes she alone went to the family to talk about her.
2.Grandma said they were sad, if it was me I would be sad too they weren't mad about it people in that region are believers and they believed her right away.
4.The girl used to get fresh water for my grandma.
5.As far as I know I think they just left them inside near the front door.
6.I don't know about that I didn't ask.
7.No, I think it was just logical for my grandma to do so. She knows stuff.
8.I don't know, I'm sorry.