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Soothing Torcs: Placebo? on 2015-12-08

Now, I suppose to get my own sense of reluctance and cynicism out in the open, I should say that until two years ago I was a very vocal disbeliever in anything out of the realm of touch, sight and sound, any form of religion, any form of energy that had no conventional source. You get the idea, I wa...

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Date: 2015-12-08
Terrifying, I can't think of a worse scenario than having my daughter experience something that I am not able to follow her into.

I am curious as to where you learned the practice of Wicca and what sort of cleansing and safeguards were you able to put in place?

My own technical comprehension is basic, stuff I was taught by my family in relation to tribal ancestors and the tales of the other world. I don't quite believe in brownies and goblins, but I believe our fathers and mothers form an unbroken chain that we can access to some degree if we are on good terms.
Hello JK, new here myself. I havn't got around to typing out my slight experiences, but I have been avidly reading all the accounts posted here and yours very much piqued my interest.

A possibility that hasn't been stated so far, but probably thought of or alluded to, you mentioned that you came from germanic/norse ancestry, and the item in question would appear to be a christian icon. Depending on how far back and from where, could it be possible that one of your family blood is not pleased about you wearing a christian symbol?

Just to be clear, I'm not saying you shouldn't wear a cross.