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Preschool Haunting on 2016-06-02

I work as a preschool teacher, and while the school is beautiful, positive, and belonging to a church, it's hard not to wonder if it may still be haunted. When I began working here, an employee who resigned not long ago would tell me to be careful, "This place is haunted, I swear." She had a sar...

Galloping Ghost on 2016-04-20

Growing up in a haunted home, there were several things that would happen on the regular that I just got used to. Someone sitting on the edge of my bed. Heavy, loud footsteps in the kitchen (like work boots). A little girl's giggle. But there's one instance that never matched anything else that ever...

Activity In Psychiatric Hospital on 2016-03-07

At one point earlier in my twenties, I worked as part of the behavioral staff within an inpatient psychiatric hospital providing both acute and residential care to children and teenagers. It was a fairly new hospital, only a couple of decades old, and had never served as anything but a psychiatric f...

Intelligent, Obvious Shadow Person on 2016-02-24

Somewhere in the woods that surround the cul de sac outside of my parents' home (in Southern Alabama) and the cemetery that runs parallel to it all, I've seen a tall, opaque, obviously intelligent shadow person. He NEVER leaves that general area. I've wandered out of it and left him behind before. N...

She Calls To My Husband (a Continuation) on 2015-12-10

I posted part one of this under a different username. I haven't been able to get into that account due to my own extreme level of forgetfulness, but I hadn't used it much anyway, and you don't need to have read my previous story to understand the latest happenings. Previously, I mentioned a spiri...

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Date: 2016-05-06
Haha thank you Red! And it's nice to know I'm not alone on the haunted childhood home thing!
Date: 2016-04-29
Hi, Tweed! I love it when you comment on my stuff. It makes me feel like a new girl who just heard "hello" from one of the cool, popular kids. Hahaha

I don't know if anyone felt vibrations. I don't think anyone else noticed it. I'm surprised my mom didn't. Or maybe she did and she thought I was being loud and watching TV or something instead of getting ready. Now that you mention it, it was pretty loud, so I'd be surprised if she didn't hear it even from across the house. But like I said no one commented on it, so I have no actual clue. Haha
Date: 2016-04-28
Oh, it was a beautiful house. We pulled up the carpet to get to the original hardwood and it was so nice. Unfortunately, after my mother remarried, my family wound up living elsewhere. But I've driven by our old house thousand times since then (my best friend still lives in our old neighborhood) and it always seemed to sell and then go back up just several months later. We left it in amazing condition, so I can only imagine some people don't like active haunts (imagine that!). But the newest owners have had it for a year or so, so either they accepted the spooky like we did or the ghosts are gone for whatever reason. I hope it's the former!
Date: 2016-04-28 THE barred in home* the bedroom that eventually became mine.*

Sorry you guys! My last comment wasn't very clear. I typed it out pretty fast at work.
Date: 2016-04-28
SDS, I suppose I should've been clear. I didn't want to stay there for the remainder of the day. Only once did an experience deter me from sleeping in my bedroom for a night, and it wasn't that particular experience. As far as I remember, I didn't notice any changes to the "feel" of the room after that.

AugustaM, before the home was built (1959), the land was just lot of trees with a stream/small river running through. My backyard sloped and would've backed up to the stream/small river that was gone (I think through man made means) by the time my family moved in (1997).

The only owners before us were a couple who built the house. They'd wanted to "size down" after their children left home by building the 2,500 square foot home with three bedrooms and a massive kitchen/bar made for entertainment (what an era the sixties!). Eventually the woman became sick and the man seemed to be losing it over the circumstance. He barred the windows and caged in the front porch, believing his wife may leave to have an affair when he wasn't home- not that she even was able to do such a thing in her condition. Eventually, she died of her illness (I don't know what it was) in a barred in home in the bedroom that eventually mine.

My mother didn't tell me any of that until after I had moved away to go to college. Apparently she and my father knew at the time they purchased the house but never wanted to frighten me or my younger brother.

I'm inclined to say that any practice involving self-harm or the use of blood is taking it dangerously far but is also probably only drawing something negative.

There are lots of possibilities here. I strongly agree with previous posters who say that nothing causing you harm would be your grandfather, let alone any good spirit at all. It may not even be human.

To second another poster, yes, there are spirits who can briefly take on the appearance of a deceased loved on. They do it to manipulate you, lure you into a false sense of closeness or affection towards them. They can even mimic their voices.

It is also possible that your grandfather resides there along with one to a hand full of other spirits/entities. Sometimes these things can get quite complicated, especially if "dark" occult practices have taken place.

And thank you for sharing. Sometimes sharing paranormal experiences feels quite vulnerable. Best of luck.
Date: 2016-04-27
Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate taking the time to write them. I'm glad you guys liked my story!
Date: 2016-04-24
I loved reading your story! It flowed very well. And it's refreshing to see someone so actively involved in the comment section of their story.:)

The detective seems to have a pretty decent knowledge of Anna's family and the circumstances surrounding her death. If she's referring to the girl as Anna, is it because she can verify through research that her name is indeed Anna or is it because she knows that's what everyone has been calling her? Does she know a last name or the names of any family members? Where she lived? How old she was? If she has those answers on hand, I'm sure they'll come in great handy in finding a definite connection to your family's property once you've researched the property's history a bit. I realize that the general assumption or perhaps psychically derived notion is that she was chased/ended/dumped there, but it would be nice to learn perhaps why she or her killer would've chosen that property- like perhaps being regular customers at the store belonging to your great great grandfather and knowing your family that way.
Hi, SDS. I worked there for a couple of years, but am there no longer. The people who'd worked there the longest, 10-15 years, didn't remember her. The hospital had been in operation for a few years longer than they'd been there, to my understanding. There weren't any photographs of the clients taken, or I sincerely hope there weren't. It's against confidentiality laws to photograph the clients or take any photos in the hospital at all really. Thanks for your questions:)
Thanks you guys! Sorry about all of the typos and funny sounding sentences. I was trying to type it all out very quickly while my computer was dying.

DandK, I'm not sure how far back the sightings go. Several years at least, though, because some of my former coworkers (who had been there a good while) would tell me about stories they had when they first started. A lot of our female clients were afraid of men, as I'm sure you can understand, so perhaps she's more so avoiding the men than targeting the women for a specific reason. That's only my own thought though. A lot of my coworkers didn't enjoy discussing it, especially in depth.

A lot of my coworkers (and even myself) tried to do our best to shake it all off and not think about it. It's a high stress job with 12-14 hour shifts. The environment will take a toll on you if you don't learn to shut out a lot of the chaos. Basically, it was a place that could make you lose and question your own sanity, so we didn't try to speculate much.

Thank you everyone for reading it and giving me feedback:)
That is a really, really awesome idea, Red.:) I'll have to try it. Thanks!
Thanks everyone for reading and responding:) Now I'm definitely much less unsettled by him.

Spirit, the cemetery is very, very new, are are the neighborhoods. The neighborhoods were actually here first (built 5-10 years ago depending on the subdivision) and the cemetery came alone somewhere in the middle of that. It's incredibly small. Just a couple of acres and a chain link fence. The street that it's on runs parallel to my parents', and you can see it just past the backyard of the neighbor's house across the street. I've always thought it was odd placement for a public cemetery. There are giant, very new homes located right next door to it. If it weren't for the chain link fence and crummy, cardboard sign, it'd seem to be part of someone's property. Originally, the area was nothing but woods. It makes me sad because I can hear people cutting down trees to make room for future subdivisions.

Goggzy, psychic is a strong word that certainly doesn't describe me. Hahaha. I'm sensitive and have plenty of paranormal experiences, but to say I'm psychic (within my own vocabulary at least) would be to imply a lot of abilities and experiences that I don't possess.:)
I'm an assault survivor, so any feeling of being watched or followed is likely to make my hair stand on end. That's part of why it's difficult to know if it's him or just me making me so uncomfortable.
Honestly, granny, I was terrified, but I'm not sure if it's because of him. Most likely it's my own, self-generated fear. Since I have little concrete belief/knowledge on anything that I don't see as "human," I'm naturally more afraid of them I think. And he's so tall that I'm probably going to be afraid of him anyway. As I said, his height is a little intimidating.
Date: 2016-03-02
That is an awesome story:) Having worked in a spooky psychiatric hospital, I was snagged by the title, and you didn't disappoint. There must have been some left over energy or some patients/doctors still around. Thanks for sharing!
It could have been something that followed her, yes. There's a user here that has a helpful cleansing/banishing technique. It's not helpful of me to have trouble recalling their name, but I'm sure someone else would be able to tell you who it is. But either way, if it's frightening her, it needs to leave the house.
Date: 2016-02-29
I think it's kind of romantic that your grandfather would stick around and do things like wake up your grandmother to make sure went to sleep in her bed. It's a very sweet story. Thank you for sharing!
Date: 2016-01-10
Were you two very close when she was alive? Or were you two at least kind of cut from the same cloth, the kind of people who could understand each other?

Your story touches me. I have a cousin (male, a decade older than me) who passed in 2011 during a car accident, and he follows me around, too. We're different genders and too far apart in age to have been best buddies, but we were the family's two black sheep. We could understand each other and be sensible. Honestly, though, I think he hangs around for mine and the family's sake more than his own. Normally he just wants me to stay safe while I'm driving, stop crying, or check on his brother/parents.

I'm telling you about my own cousin because what's going on with you could be very similar. You clearly make her feel comfortable. She seems to find it easy to communicate with you.

If you were close, it'd make sense that she would come to you for a lot of different reasons. Like missing you, being afraid to leave you alone, wishing to see you grow, clinging to the warmth and love you two had in life, you would perhaps be able to understand her best, etc. Also, if you're naturally sensitive to spirits, she may have chosen you because you would be the easiest to contact or the one most likely to believe she was really there.

I'm sorry for your loss. Having a lingering loved one can be a mixture of comforting and confusing, which doesn't always help the grieving process. Take care. I hope we can provide some helpful answers for you.
Date: 2016-01-10
If the entity didn't terrify you, then I would say to go with your gut and assume it was harmless. Even children (in some ways especially children) can tell if something is "good" or "bad." As a child, my brother-in-law was horrified of a "little boy" living in his childhood home. He knew better. Actually, to this day, if we get in the mood to screw with him-not that he's the kind of man you'd look at and think he'd be fun to mess with-we can just say 'I hear Jimmy calling you,' and at thirty years old he goes pale and gets TOTALLY spooked. But anyway, point is- kids know what's up.

And spirits manifest themselves differently for all kinds of reasons. There's only one spirit that haunts my grandmother's home, and I've seen her in the forms of mist, full body, orbs, and a walking silhouette. Sometimes it takes more energy to travel in certain forms. To my simple, basic understanding, light orbs are, for example, a lot easier for them than a full body, totally visible showcase. So that can have something to do with it.

But some things, especially entities that aren't deceased humans, just have a particular appearance anyway and different motivations for looking a certain way. That's when you start getting into demons, imps, different kinds of woodland entities, angels, things that I have absolutely zero knowledge of and my religious beliefs are, um, let's say "not fully formed." I'm also not well researched. There are lots of other, intelligent people here who could get into that much, MUCH better than I could.:)

Thanks for sharing your story!

The waving shadow could be one looking for help and attention. There's a possibility that the ceiling shadow is very dominating and kind of ruling over the poor waving one. The waving one could be warning you, like Raven said. And it could be saying a kind of, "Help! Help! You see me, right? I'm stuck over here!"