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Typical Yet Strange on 2016-04-20

This is going to start of pretty typical, the typical girl in the white dress. I was about fourteen years old when I saw her. I was on the couch in my lounge room and was watching the television. I had heard some footsteps on the floorboards but thought nothing of it, I had honestly thought it was o...

Golden Eyes on 2015-12-21

I wasn't asleep when all these occurrences happened. One time I had been in my bedroom, reading a book. I had the sudden urge to look out the window, and what I saw were two giant golden orange eyes staring back. They were shaped like a cats and had slit pupils. I wasn't scared, I didn't feel any fe...

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Date: 2016-01-15
On my fathers side we have speculations that we might be, we're actually waiting the results for that. But on my mums side we're nothing but French, Irish and English.
Date: 2016-01-11
No no ones done a protective shield, I just see the currents on the roof and often in my families study room. I've always been able to see this that others cant, so can the majority of my family.