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I'm a well-spoken, somewhat nerdy person, and I, for the best part of life, occupy myself with music and literature. I speak 3 languages very fluently, and a few phrases in other languages. I am a very friendly person, hence I tend to get hurt a lot, but it's no biggie =]
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The Garden Clash on 2008-08-26

I'm a new user on this site, so my personal encounter might not be as interesting to read as the more experienced users' encounters. However, I will put my best effort into it, and hopefully you'll enjoy the read, and maybe even leave a comment with your opinion. This particular event took pla...

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Date: 2008-09-12
Hello again.

I am most thankful for everyone's concerns and prayers, I really appreciate that.
I'm sorry I haven't been replying for a long time, my internet broke down so I had to make do without it.

I think I am coming to the same conslusion as most of you, hopefully he is in a better place now.

Date: 2008-08-27
Hey everyone, thank's for the positive feedback. I appreciate the empathy, thanks... Heh, Fireflies arent that big, I don't think... But it's a possibility, although I might never find out. I think the hissing might have been some animal, like lilblackpom said, but it is also a possibility of attention-gain. =] Thanks for the comments again, it really helps figure somestuff out! 😉 ❤