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My Unusual Life So Far on 2016-01-04

I am a firm believer that there is life after death. I have only ever shared my experiences of the paranormal with my family (whom have witnessed these happenings in our house as well) and my best friend as you meet too many people in life that like to scoff and laugh when you tell them. These unusu...

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Hi AFieryCupcake,

This is the first time I've logged onto this site in a few months & felt compelled to read your experience first. It struck me how similar our experiences are & felt compelled to leave you a note! I like yourself, have experienced the paranormal since I was a young child & like yourself I feel as though there is a spirit that follows & watches over me. As you spoke about the heavy atmosphere in your Gran's house, this is exactly the same in the spare room at my dads house. My sister & my dad will not go into that room at night without another person as my sister has described it like a heavy blanket, almost a depressive feeling when you go in as if there is someone there, that doesn't want you there. My dad has heard a man's heavy breathing from that room & my sister had seen things moved around. Myself on the other hand, just like you, I would feel the opposite, I would sit in that room even in the dark with just the light from my laptop screen as a teenager & felt a comforting presence with me, I can't explain it any other way but I felt safe. Another time I was calling on my sister & saw a shadow in the spare room doorway but it quickly moved back as soon as I'd seen it & I always interpreted that as whoever it was, didn't want to scare me. My sister was in the next room as well & I told her what I'd seen & she freaked out. I've moved out from home now but my sister once had a nightmare of a shadow person in a cave filled with bodies & when she woke, she saw the shadow at the foot of her bed. Like yourself, we have no history of sleep paralysis. One thing that had happened to me when I was maybe 14, I woke up feeling someone stroking my back & the fear I felt, I went rigid & thought my heart was going to burst but suddenly this calming effect came over me & again it's hard to explain but it felt as though it was a motherly figure beside me & within moments I fell back to sleep.

I can't & would never say for definite that I know what's going on but I believe the first incident with the light switch was your grandfather communicating with you. The feelings of calmness and the soft breezes I have all the time as well around me & I see that as the good spirit (s) that watch over us & protect us. It could be a family member or a spirit that has attached itself to you since you were a child & doesn't mean you any harm. I think when we have these feelings we should trust them. I still get scared time to time when odd things happen either in my flat or my moms/dads own house's or even outside but it's like I can somehow sense and differentiate between the spirit (s) that are always around me to other ones or even bad ones that we encounter time to time but they don't stay with us. The shadow person you saw in your dream & then woke up as if it was really there my gut feeling is I don't think its your loved ones. I think it may have been a spirit you've encountered that's not personal to you & either was trying to see if he/she could affect you or see if you could sense them. I think aswell you are feeling uneasy about is your own body telling you it's not a spirit you know. I had this up in my moms house years ago, I was convinced something came into the house for a few months & it was so bad I refused to sleep in my room. It only came to a head one morning I was compelled to look at the mirror in the hallway that reflected the front door & I saw a figure with no features but it was humanoid with peach skin pass through the door in the mirror. It was as if it was letting me know it was leaving for good. Looking back now, I don't think it was evil, I think there was a certain level of wanting to be noticed & wanting attention to be seen I guess, but I was only around 13 & I could feel a horrible feeling in the room & also saw my cat being dragged across the back of the chair & then my play-station lid slammed down, turning itself on. To me this was all malevolent behavior but reflecting back, seemed like desperation just to be acknowledged. My sister is still terrified of these happenings in my dads house, she would rather they would just not make their presence known. Myself on the other hand, I try and think of it like these are just invisible people, they're bodies are dead but they're not, it's simplistic but it's helped me a lot overcome a lot of my initial fears. I call out sometimes as if I was talking to them, my advice would be don't ask them to validate their presence (ie knock once for yes, twice for no, ect) I would just speak to them like a person & to the shadow person, just say out loud that you understand that they want to be noticed & you do acknowledge them but you would prefer it if you weren't disturbed by them.