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See my other posts under the username fallenangel218. I had to create a new profile, as I was permanently locked out of it due to the deletion of the e-mail account on file with it. I may continue on some of those experiences, and I will reference them as such.
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Spirits Following Her - 2 on 2017-12-05

In part I of this story, I described a spirit that may have followed my stepmom from her old house to the house my Dad currently resides in. The activity has died down some since my stepmom passed away, but there has still been some interesting stuff happening. I still have ominous feelings when ...

The Presence: Frightening Experiences In Two Different Homes on 2016-02-08

This story is a continuation of the post on my other YGS account (FallenAngel218): "The Two Women, The Radio, And The Voices" (Editor provided link A few more things have happened in the house I describe in that story, right up until s...

Spirits Following Her on 2016-01-04

Part I of this story is written as told to me by my Stepmother, as it is something that happened to her before she met my Father. It does tie in with the rest of the story. Part I: The Past Experiences My Stepmother (whom I will call Anne) spent 30 some-odd years in a home located in the small...

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If this thing is trying to hurt you, you should seek help from a paranormal professional.
Date: 2016-04-04
Sounds to me like a neurological episode. Are you on any sort of medication that has potential neurological side effects?
Date: 2016-01-18
[at] DandK - My Stepmom thought that maybe something did come with her, and I think so too, as the activity decreased dramatically after she passed away. My Dad has the recording with the footsteps and clock, but he refuses to part with it. Everyone that listened was definitely freaked out by the clock hitting, as it was the most dramatic thing on the entire tape. The footsteps, we can deal with.

[at] Elrond - The chair did come with us to the new house, but to my knowledge, it never moved on its own there.