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A Lady In The Comfort Room on 2016-01-05

I've used the term "Comfort Room" to refer to the bathroom. It's the most common term here in our country. I am from the Philippines, Baguio City to be exact. I started working in 2010 as a tutor. Our office is in the second floor of a building near a public hospital and hotel. There were a ...

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Thank you for the welcome Haunter. Our head tutor told me that when the lady's face was an inch from her face. A story suddenly flashed in her mind. The lady was raped and buried in the parking lot area of the building. I'm not sure if it is also common in other countries but here some believes that when you bury someone in a foundation of a structure, the structure would last for long. It would serve as a protector to the structure. What I am puzzled now is why she is staying in the 2nd floor bathroom and not in the parking lot. I'll let you know when I found out. As for our head tutor getting sick after the incident. Yes, she didn't feel good the next days after the encounter. 😕