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Saved By A Premonition Just In Time on 2016-02-01

This experience was one of my first and most memorable experiences with the unknown. For a little back story on me, I have a family history of "psychics." My maternal grandmother was a fortune teller and tarot card reader, and my paternal grandmother came from a family of Irish gypsies. Despite that...

Visited By My "brain Dead" Brother on 2016-01-13

Just over four years ago my only brother, who is two years older than me, was in a car accident. This happened in Virginia where he was living with my mother temporarily, while sorting his life out and finding a job. Prior to the accident he had a sort of change of character. I had moved to Californ...

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Peace887 -- It's HIGHLY unlikely that my mother will ever get the psychological help that she badly needs, which for me is the biggest obstacle in the way of us ever reconciling.

While the family was gathered in the ER just after my brother's accident, one of my aunts did shed some light on my mother's history of psych issues. There were several times in my childhood when my mother sent my brother and me to live with my dad suddenly and without notice. According to my aunt, on several of these occasions she was actually committed to psych wards. This had been kept totally hidden from me, my brother, and my dad. My aunt is the one who told me about my mother's Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. She also told me that my mother refused to believe there was anything wrong with her, and has an intense hatred for psych doctors.

She is now living on a "family compound" with two of her sisters and their husbands, as well as her mother (my grandmother), and her father (my grandfather) and her step-mother. What makes that situation especially weird is that her father was severely physically and emotionally abusive to his family -- especially so with my mother and grandmother. He also cheated on my grandmother with his secretary and got her pregnant, and is still married to her now. Why they would all want to live together with all that unresolved tension is beyond me! In a weird and dysfunctional way, they are all peas in a pod I suppose.

My mother's childhood was horrific and marked by physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. I once heard my mother call out my grandmother for not protecting her from one my grandmother's boyfriends who preyed on my mother as a child. My grandmother reacted first by denying it outright, but after a while she accused my mom of wanting it and encouraging him. It was sick. That occasion was the first time I can remember seeing my mother have one of her rage fits. I was 17 at the time and it was very scary. That same year I found out my mother got pregnant when she was 12, and was sent away in shame to have an abortion, which the family then pretended never happened and told her to never speak of it again.

Believe me when I say I am well rid of all of them! I am so happy that I was able to spend a significant amount of my childhood living with my dad. He and my stepmum have had a decades long stable and healthy relationship and really rescued my brother and me from suffering from all the instability on my mother's side. I thank God everyday that even though I have the mother I do, I have an incredible dad who I love and cherish. I feel very lucky to have such a loving and stable relationship with him.
Your description of the glowing white figure really sounds like a ghost to me. I've also seen a fully materialized ghost -- there were two of them -- and they looked like they were made of moonlight. A greyish white light that is bright and dim at the same time. Ghosts are incandescent, meaning they create their own light.

From my experiences, ghosts are ghosts. They may be related to you, or they may just be in the same place as you. Guides or guardians are spirits who may or may not have ever been human. They don't seem to be relatives, either. At least not in the traditional sense.

Not saying no one has ever had a guide who was their dead relative, I just don't think that's how it happens. I have been told (by one of my guides!) that guides are assigned at birth. I assume the assignment is based on what your karma/destiny is in this lifetime. Just my thoughts based on a lifetime of spirit world encounters!

I'm very sorry to hear about your sister, it's so incredibly difficult to lose a sibling and I feel for you. As for tips for contacting her, I'm not entirely sure. For one, this was not my first spirit communication, although it was the first time I've seen or heard a spirit I am related to (that I know of). Meditation always helps me attune to the spirit world first and foremost.

My brother's visitation was 3 years after his accident and I certainly wasn't expecting or asking for it when he came. He came when I needed him the most; the night I sincerely and calmly missed him. After I had processed the most acute stages of grief and arrived at acceptance that he was gone, and acknowledged and owned the hole his loss left in my life. His timing was perfect. It's amazing, really. He came when I had found peace.

As for sensing him... It was obvious! He was in my room. I felt his presence, I saw him standing there. I immediately recognized his posture and felt his spirit. I heard him laugh at me. Believe me that when it happens, you will know! 😆

Grief and spirit contact is such a personal thing, I could never tell you the "right" way to do it. For me it was about openness and acceptance. He came when I needed him most and I was ready, at least subconsciously.

I wish you the best and hope you and your family find peace ❤

Thank you so much for saying that. I truly feel that my brother's accident, and the extremity of her behavior towards me at that time, finally gave me the strength to cut her off. Without it I'm not sure if I would have been able to. I think of it as a sort of parting gift from him.

There was a while when I truly wondered if she was/is possessed. I'm still not sure, but my best guess is that's what happen to people when they spend their whole lives running from their demons... They catch up! She had a horrific childhood -- she endured just about every type of abuse that exists. If she accomplished one thing as my mother, it's that I never suffered from physical or sexual abuse like she did. I consider that a small success for her not to repeat those cycles. I sincerely hope that she confronts her demons in this lifetime, but I have my doubts. One thing I am sure of though is that she will not escape them when she dies. We either do our work in life or we stick around for it in death.

As for me, my spiritual work with regards to my mother certainly did not end with cutting her off. Since then there have been several times I've come into contact with women displaying similar behaviors towards me. At one point I felt like a magnet for it, which was very hard to cope with. Then I accepted that there was still work I needed to do and the universe was calling that to my attention. You can avoid or postpone your spiritual work, but can never really escape it -- no matter how painful. You've got to confront what you've got to confront in this lifetime 😊
One more thing, I want you all to know that I've read all of your responses several times. It truly a blessing to be able to share this story with people who clearly understand and emphasize so deeply.

And a special thank you for the support about my mom and for validating my decision to end contact. I'm not sure I could have ever done so while my brother was alive, which is a strange feeling, because it wasn't until after I had room to breathe that I truly blossomed as a person.

I am still unraveling the effects of living with so much fear of her for so long, but I am blessed to say I am really am a happy person. I hope she can find peace as well. That's the message I want to share with people. That even your greatest pain can be a gift.
Miracles51031: I'm very interested to know what your feedback is. One weird thing about this experience is that there was a sense of inevitability to all of it. Something was coming and we both knew.

Despite all of the pain and loss, it was so beautiful to see my brother so clearly, and so healthy, so full of joy. And also, if he wasn't teasing me, it wouldn't be him 😆

Thanks for relating those experimental findings. I am with you 100% and have had similar "precognitive" experiences, including one that saved my life. I will write it up soon.

I'm actually a very "left brain" person in many ways -- I studied statistics and social science research methods. Now I am now a data scientist. But I also believe very strongly in the power of the human soul and this incredible bond we all share, which means none of us can ever truly be alone.

I hope you will all read some of my other stories as I share them. Much love to you all ❤
Thank you so much for all of your beautiful responses. It really means a lot to me to be able to share this story with a supportive community. It's a difficult story to share for quite a few reasons.

I am in a much better place now. My biggest lingering feeling is sadness that the circumstances of his "death" robbed us all of a ritual to remember him. We have never had a funeral. His Facebook page is still up and still reminds me when it's his birthday. I see some of his friends still posting messages to him as if he is there to read them.

This whole experience has actually made my life better in a lot of ways. For a long time I felt guilty saying that, but it's true. It has made me stronger and I know I can get through tough times. I ended up getting straight A's my entire senior year at UC Berkeley, and now have a great job and an incredible community of my chosen family.

That's another reason I wanted to share this story. I hope it can help someone else going through a similar time. There is beauty in death and there are rewards as well.