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A Relative's Farewell? on 2016-02-18

In all honesty I'm used to the paranormal; hearing things move, seeing spirits or ghosts (whatever you prefer to call them), shadow figures, and even animal spirits. Now, I could recount to you details of height, clothes, relative age, but I don't usually see a face, mostly I just see them make a qu...

Sleep Paralysis Ghost on 2016-01-14

I remember it so vividly, I had just been broken up with and sent packing back to my parents' house. It was only just some months ago. I hadn't slept well in days much less cared for food. It didn't help that I had gone from 113 pounds in my relationship down to a mere 92 pounds before being kicked ...

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Date: 2016-02-18
No one else has had an experience like this before in my house, but thank you both. I think I understand what you both mean. It still hasn't happened again except one night I felt a warm embrace on a pretty cold night in the house and I was on the couch. I merely closed my eyes and without thinking just naturally said "Okay Pap, thank you. I'm much warmer now." My Pap (my stepdad's father), a loving man, I'd known for years passed away over a year or two ago now, and he was at least six foot. I feel maybe part of the experience was a dream and I've heard many experiences in that state have been terrifying, but the other experience I just mentioned was my Pap, it happened right as I settled for sleep and was so assuring to me. Thank you both again! 😁