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Reflection In The Glass on 2017-03-13

This is an incident that both my cousin whom I'll call "N" and I experienced one night. We both worked for the same company and same shop, One of the leading fresh produce franchise's in South Africa. Since we both worked together "N" would always come over and stay at my place and we would t...

My Experiences With Disembodied Voices And Shadow People on 2017-03-13

For as long and as young as I can remember I've always had some paranormal experience, the most prominent being hearing voices and seeing shadows. I would (especially when I was alone) hear a voice calling out my name, loud and clear as day. One time my cousin had come to stay over, and that night w...

Two Occurances That Happened After My Gran Passed Away on 2017-02-27

When my grandmother had passed away I was five at the time, the date was 18th of February 1994. I do remember bits and pieces of that day, and have very fond memories of the place she stayed at. There are also other weird things that happened there, but that's a story for some other time. Th...

The Man With The Frame... That Wasn't My Uncle. on 2017-02-17

Good day to all readers. This is a story that happened to my aunt years ago. My mums twin sister and her brother never found anyone and gotten married, they lived together with my grandmum until she and my uncle passed away, Every weekend my uncle would go out and spend time with his friends b...

Knock On The Door... No Ones There on 2016-10-03

Good day to all readers, I have read a lot of stories on this amazing site and I've decided to share a few personal stories and incidents that have happened to me. I would like to start off with something that happened to me twice (same year but months apart) it was in 2009 and I was 20 at the t...

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Yes everything disappeared the food the man, everything just vanished
When a person dies there's 4 ceremonies that ensure the deceased reaches their destination. First being the 10 days then 13 days then 6 months and one year. Out of the 4 the 10 and 13 days are of most importance as we believe that the soul remains at the house for 13 days before it departs to wherever its going. If a person is poor then there's no need for extravagance. Simple foods n simple offerings can be made. And usually when a family member passes on all the family and friends come together to make sure whatever needs to be done is sorted
Hi kikigirl, yes there are many ways we can offer our gods/goddesses with special types of sweet dishes in our culture we offer our gods fruits and milk. Nothing with salt, and for our dead we do offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes, drinks like water and cool drink even alcohol and cigarettes. There is a 2 week ritual where we only focus on the people that has passed on which usuall occurs during sept-oct we cook all their favourite dishes n favorite drinks n offer it to them under a tree. And we also donate money and food stuff, clothing to needy people in that late persons memory. The more good we do and more we give to people we believe the soul will be happy wherever it may be
Hi [ [at] ]alex my guess is if she opened the door something would have been there, and yes my mum stands by what she says the man had vanished with food and all
Hey all, thanks for feedback hope you having a good day, well nothing happened to my aunt, uncle or my gran, and my uncle had actually stayed over at a friends house that night, I do believe that the guys spirit just wanted to visit home. And was not a malevolent spirit
Date: 2016-01-15
It could be a good spirit or a bad one. My grandfather told us of a story whereby he also saw a white dog in his youth, he was going home and spotted the dog, he got sick after that. By the way I'm also from SA durban as well.
Hi I believe it could have been your mums bfs ex wife that did that to your mum