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Demon In The Closet on 2010-10-26

After I had already been away for work for several months, my wife had to move us to Virginia. She found a pretty house to rent, almost lavish by our standards and plenty of room, very modern. Well she would call me while I was away and say she was having bad dreams and felt like someone was staring...

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I have seen the sparks! Also great website thanks for posting.
Date: 2015-09-18
I am a combat vet and also have those same experiences but they got really started after I had children. I went through all the stages you did and did massive amounts of research learning about it. First, prayer and all that are good if you have steadfast faith. But we all waiver at times. Secondly I don't believe that ghosts are around much. These are evil spirits that can take any form, much like Jesus cast into the pig. Third, and this is the only way to get rid of them, love and compassion in your heart, and basic non-reaction ignoring. If you are strong in your love of your daughter and have deep compassion for her, and help and talk to her they will go away. If they bang or knock ignore it, don't react and they will get bored. The more you react the more energy they have. They can't hurt you. Every night since I can remember there is a knock, tap tap, something drops, a crack, a voice, a huff, sigh so on, but just ignore it. I think they are especially interested in military because we are so tuned in and aware. Be strong, confident, in faith, God, love and compassion. Comment back if you want to talk more.
Date: 2015-09-18
I am also a combat veteran. When you return home you are open to attack and the alcohol and drugs don't help. First I have done three deployments to AFG and three to IRQ and I feel I adjusted back to life rather easily because I didn't drink and my mind could work through all the things I saw without interruption from drink. The one thing you have to understand is that your are seeking a reason for your experiences and the only answer is in the understanding of God and his plan for you. I am not talking about becoming a bible thumper, but gaining a greater understanding of how God works in this world. The dark side also wants you to fail. So the only true protection is in faith. You can read some of my stories. But I was also under attack and still occasionally am. But you are a special person now with an awareness that most people will never know and because of this the dark side wants to shut you down. If you need to talk more brother just comment me back. Also I found support in the Templar groups on facebook.
I have a very good picture of the hooded figure that a person I know took with his IPOD. I don't know the best way to post it.
Date: 2010-11-02
Thanks for all the comments. I would like to add a few things. I have felt many ghosts, even ones that are disturbed, maybe malicious. But this one felt different. More like a animal than a human spirit. It was very happy we left. That was when I saw it almost happily flitting around the yard. And very strong, unlike a ghost which reacts to the human voice. If you are sensitive you will eventually know the difference. The next door neighbor, also sensitive would not even go into the house. I have to ask more as to why and see if our theories jibe.
Date: 2010-10-30
That is a very good suggestion, no I have not had the cross blessed ever. It had much more power when I was younger. I will look into it. Do you really think Demons want the space to themselves? And not that they are just evil and like to mess with people? Where do they get their energy from. I had an air cleaner that charged the air and when I ran it I noticed a lot more activity. I am wondering like ghosts, do Demons derive energy from electro magnitized air... I am just curious since I have never run into a Demon before. Can you destroy them?
It boggles my mind. This is not time for ghost hunting it is time to provide support to your child. I do not doubt in the least there is something there. But you need to protect your child. Perform cleansing with prayer and faith, and express the love of God and ask for his protection. You took a chance posting here and attracted some misdirected people. Protect yourself from them also. Let your child know that you love him and you are there for him. Do not close his door at night. Put a night light in. Allow him to sleep with you when he gets scared. Give him big hugs. Do not encourage his communication with the unclean spirit. This is a very formative period in a child. It is the time where he feels he has someone there for him or he is on his own. If it continues he can have a psychic break. Later indicators are bed wetting, aggitation, sleeplessness. Unlike the mental health community I believe in unclean spirits as the cause of the psychic break and not a symptom. I know you are there for him that is great. Now kick that unclean spirit out or move. It cannot follow you.
This is a very important time in which you can either instill trust and bonding with your child or break that trust and instill alienation and a possible psychotic break. Your child has experienced a mild psychotic break that you want to heal quickly. If you don't it may cause later mental illness. Whether your child has an overactive imagination or is actually being scared by something is irrelevant. He is scared. First do not close the door to his room ever again, it tells him he is left to the darkness. Secondly put in a night light so that he can see. Thirdly allow him to sleep with you anytime he wants, so that he can rebuild that trust and bonding and know that he has help when he needs it. This idea of child isolation came from the seventies pop psychology. It is a crime. Ask your grandparents how they slept at night. They will say "oh yeah all eight of us slept in the same bed." Leaving a child alone is not they way we were made.
Your right about the cleansing, you are making the right decisions. Remember that he might be saying Dada to what he thinks is Dada. But it is not. I would not encourage or mitigate what he is seeing as anything good, such as a deceased relative. I think you know it is not good.
Date: 2009-11-03
My Daughter had the same experience, two boys and she would talk to them. But they were not good. Based on your son telling them to shut up, I would think they are harrassing him. Don't even consider illness or reinforcing your son's experiences by inquiring further. Begin cleansing the room, reinforcing a good feeling throughout the house. They are usually tied to one place, so change rooms or move if it continues, faith and belief, prayer and expressing the love of God can fix this and drive them out. The longer it continues unabated the worse it gets until you protect your child.
What you experienced is a typical attack by an unclean spirit. They frequently attack exactly as you said, when your tired, weak or worried about something. You will feel the tingly sensation, as it enters your body. It is not always an unpleasant feeling, but the dreams it influences and the feelings it instills in your can be frightening if you don't understand it. In fact the Bible and Christ both address these unclean spirits extensively, to the ancient Hebrews and Christ it was common knowledge. To protect yourself, pray and keep holy symbols around, they have great strength.
Date: 2008-08-27
I agree that you should move on, places create habitual behaviors that are hard to break. Either that or do what I did and study real hard and go to a four year college that has dorms, the world is yours grab it!
Boy do I have a story for you. I am from Maryland and during college 1984, I used to work at Rocks State Park, at the top of the hill, King and Queens seat, and charge admission to people which I didn't agree with since I was a hippy at that time. Well That year and you picked a good place to ghost hunt, there were 5 deaths in the park. The one I remember most was a German tourist, you know where the falls are below the bridge, got his foot stuck under water at the top of the falls and drowned. The second was a father who was showing off for his son, tried to jump from rock to rock at the top of the King and Queens seat and fell to his death 90 feet below. The other three were at the same place, top of the king and Queens seat and they fell to their deaths, after park hours and too many beers. I began calling it death park and moved on. I rarely go there with my family for that exact reason picking up spiritual hitch hikers and you can just feel it as soon as you step out of the car at night, obey your instincts. I saw and talked to some of the people, exchanged money, right before they died. They were not bad people, just alittle reckless, now the rangers I didn't like them, they should have shut the top down. Or had someone stationed there, like a life guard. Too dangerous.
It seems that you have not learned to accept death as nature and God's plan and are still horrified by its aspect. Trick is especially when working in geriatric care is to not personalize death but accept it as life, as nature, as the eternal cycle, once you do that it is no longer horrifying, it just is... And then you can really care for them as they pass.
He probably from his past did not think he could be seen from there. But you have a great gift my friend, I have only seen a complete form once from the neck down a good spirit folding clothes watching fool on the computer. To see it complete and for that long is amazing. God Bless you and your happy family.
Ghosts are tender and caring but they will also scare the crap out of you when they feel you are not making the right choices. They almost turn into haunting motivators. She or they know you had rough times but probably thought that you should move on and move up in the world, seize your destiny. Just like any care giver they want to see you grow and mature and not rely on them anymore, they need rest too!
Maybe you should see a professional. There are many other causes other than spritual manifestations that could be causing this. By the speed of your rhetoric I can tell that you are under great stress. Do you have a close family friend that can help care for the children? I think it is imperative that you have someone help you. Modern medicine is wonderful and can help stabilize the situation. Please do this.
Date: 2008-08-26
On numerous occasions since I am a sensitive I have had spirits in bed with me many times I find out the next day that someone dies that was close to me or I am in an area where a lot of deaths have occurred but the only time it got a little dangerous was one night later I found out the next door nieghbor had passed and she must have been seeking comfort, I could feel the cold chill moving up and down my body but each time the spririt got close to my heart it hurt alittle and was uncomfortable. So I woke up. I wasn't mad it was just taking or had too much of an energy drain. Most of the time they just need someone to lie with and be warm and I accept it, pile on covers and go back to sleep. But usually black means not so good so do the usual and cleanse the room, religious symbols assertive speaking out loud telling it too leave, and don't feed it with fear.
Date: 2008-08-25
Good story I work overseas and was going to buy a house for my family way out in the country that was rather new but had been empty for a long time and had a huge creepy basement. I mean it was pitch black and you couldn't see the other end. Weird... So events changes my mind thank God, your story reminded me that yes beauty of the house and pastoral setting isn't all your getting with a house and it can blind your instincts, thanks!
Date: 2008-08-24
Great story, well my father passed away alittle too early 63. Not long after that my younger brother was having a hard time dealing with it and was drinking too much. He had gotten into a fight and was pretty banged up so I went to visit him. He was telling me about in the basement of his house and we turned the lights off and went upstairs. My father always hated when we would rough house as kids and would get very upset. He warned me to lay off him because I was older and he was a gentler kid than me. So as we were standing at the door my brother started to punch me on the shoulder and I was just laughing because he was banged up and I was not about to hit back. Then the light to the basement switched on by itself! The switch was down stairs. My brother stopped and we just went whoa... To each other. We knew it was our father so we ran downstairs and looked for cold spots, and my brother felt one right next to him, kind of holding him. My father was a very good man and I feel him and see him in my dreams and have an immense sense of comfort. I hope you see your father again, they need to know that you alright and that you love them.
Date: 2008-08-23
Your girlfriend might be playing games with you spritually speaking, have a heart to heart with her and find out what she is thinking. She might be playing around spritually with things that are effecting you, like allowing spirits in the home. Calling them, attracting them. You need to tell her to push them out for the sake of sanity, and your happiness together.