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Possible Ghost At A Friends House? on 2016-01-26

I never really believed in ghosts but there was always something in me that did. I recently experienced something and I think it might have been a ghost or spirit. After that I went looking online to see if I could find some stories that I could relate to and I found them here. So now it's time for ...

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Hi, thanks for all the comments.:) I saw some questions about how the toilet paper thing happened. Well when I throw my toilet paper in the bowl, I'm already standing up. I think toilet seats are gross so I stand up from the moment I can. Also about the hair thing, I thought about it at the moment too but I can confirm that there wasn't any hair involved. The birthday "party" was in Francis' house because Francis and Louis were together and Louis lives 40 minute away, which is really far in my country. And it would've just been weird to have it at my place. There were no holes in the wall in the bathroom so I don't think it had anything to do with that either. I don't know why we didn't check if there was anyone in the house after the doorknob incidents. We just didn't think much of it, well, I was scared but Louis and Francis seemingly didn't mind so we didn't do anything. I will talk to her about it.:) I also apologise for my grammar mistakes, english isn't my mother tongue.:)