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Randy Knapp
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United States
West Virginia
I am a third generation underground Coal Miner and a Volunteer Firefighter.
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The Night Of The Shadow Man on 2016-01-21

It was late one night when I retired to the couch for the night. I went to sleep and had the window blind open so I could use the fan on my window air unit. The street light lit the room with a soft orange light. I always keep my pistol close by when I am sleeping and this night was no exception. I ...

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Read my story. I'm like you. I don't know much about this sort of thing but I have had an encounter with a shadow figure that was similar.
First of all I would like to think everyone for the comments. I am going to try to answer some of your questions. This sort of thing has happened to me before. Not exactly the same but I have had encounters with something that was not living as I am. I say paranormal because I am sure I was awake I was fully aware of everything. I saw this figure and I could see that it had the shape of a small statured human. It was in a house I was renting. I keep a gun near by because I was born and raised here in West Virginia and guns are something I grew up hunting, sport shooting and exercising my 2nd Amendment right to own and bare arms. I am a concealed carry permit holder. There are home invasions all the time and I choose not to let my family nor me be a victim. The pastor did say a prayer and he told me that the bottle of oil was blessed by 1,000 prayers and that was about as much as I can say about the oil. I'm sorry for the way I worded some things. This thing was trying to get inside of me is how I meant to describe it. It drained my energy making me feel weak and sick for a few days. I'm not an expert on this but for some reason I have had other things happen to me throughout my life. I'm happy to answer your questions about this and maybe gain some knowledge of it.