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Itchy The Ghost on 2008-08-25

I think Hello is needed Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and hope to get acquainted with everyone. I have read some amazing stories on here, you guys really know how to tell a story. I'm not that good of a story teller since English is not my first language. But hope you'll enjoy reading my...

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Date: 2008-08-26
rhodes68: this happened to me last year, I also remember around that time many of my belongings got lost but that have might have been due to my memory even though I was sure where I placed my things. There was this other incident in my room it was late at night I finished studying math because I had a math exam the coming day so I placed my heavy calculus book on my desk far from the desks edge when after 10-15 minutes I heared a load bang it was my calculus book on the floor, I also had difficulty sleeping that night since I heard many things, like my pens moving even minutes after the book fell a paper flew and fell to the ground. Back then thinking the reason behind these events was paraparanormal was the last thing I would think of. And you heard in my other comment about my mirror breaking and sounds in my kitchen so I have to agree with you rhodes68.
Thanks for the story. I think the basement is the creepiest place in a house. I came across a video on youtube of a guy who has a poltergeist in his basement scary stuff.
My advice to you is first stop smoking, I did, it will kill you. It made you go to the basement, if it wasn't for it you wouldn't have encountered the appirition. Does anyone know the differance between white and black appirition, other than color, Because I have a friend who had an ecounter with a white appirition.
Date: 2008-08-25
Sorry for using your post as a discussion board hehe, but everytime I want to post a story it says *sorry temporarily unavailable.* Why is that?

Lilblackpom:i will post, I'm just waiting until the page becomes available again. I have many interesting experiances to share.

Brownie09:no never tried a recorder or anything like that. I WAS the type of person who tried to come up with a logical explanation for everything (even though what was happening was obviously out of the ordinary) , even though I believe in spirits. After reading some online forums like this, watching some television documentaries...I'll stop typing now. ANYWAYS I have a lot to say but I just will wait until I can POST.
Date: 2008-08-24
I am new to this site and finding poeple's stories similar to mine like noises from the kitchen, hearing scratching noises at night (not knowing the source It can't be a rat or mouse since we have no wood in our house and our floor is marble and tiled + cannot be insects because I sprayed the room and cleaned all drawers to make sure no insects and still noise was consistant my brother even gave it a name Itchy hehe and when we called our mom to come and hear it it would go silent and as soon as she left it come back)... One night my mother, sister and I were going up the stairs to sleep (it was late I think approx. 1) when the corridor mirror fell and broke into pieces which scared the *** out of us we were like maybe it fell by itself or from old age (which was very unlikely) so after our house worker cleaned it we were still on the stairs at this time we heard a high bang and rattling of mettal from the kitchin not only did I hear it we all did so I went and checked what fell but everything was normal nothing had fallen onto the floor, after this and MANY (I will mention in stories I will eventually post) other strange occurances me and my family had. We got our house cleansed by a religous man. Since thean everything has been somewhat normal