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What's Happening In My Home? on 2016-03-07

I only had one experience of my own until day before yesterday. (Moving Light is my first one). I would like to tell you this is not a single experience. It's actually a collection of weird experiences. It all began on 5th of March. I was studying science for the examination. All of a sudden, all...

The Moving Light on 2016-02-04

This story may be not interesting but I need an answer. I was about 08 or 10 years old when I experienced it. I was at home with my mum, dad, sister and grandmother. It was about 7.00pm and I was in my room alone. The windows were closed and the door was open. While I was playing, I saw a white c...

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Nice story Ring...

Hey tweed, could there be any relationship between this strange occurence and the weather? I mean the temperature?

I don't know whether this is a paranormal experience or not as I don't have much knowledge about supernatural. 😉

Try the cleansing method tweed mentioned below... It could help you, Ring 😊

Bloodyman (please don't spell it as 'bloodeman'...)
Hi buthaya...

I am from Sri Lanka too... So can you please tell me the name of the city or the village? 😊 I live in Kandy and I have heard so many stories regarding various ghosts in srilanka... Such as 'pirith kota' etc... But I don't believe them as those ghosts could be just myths...

Anyway You have mentioned that you often see ghosts in a certain road... Is there a cemetry near that pathway? Have you seen the same guy in your house? What kind of sounds do you hear at home? Do you feel that voices are trying to give you a some kind of a message...?


Yes you are right spiritwaiting, it is too creepy for a child... 😊

However TG, why didn't you ask your friend to come with you to go to the bathroom?
😊 I always called my mother to go to the bathroom at night when I was 10 years old...

Your story is a nice, attractive story

Blood... 😊
Date: 2016-04-27
São paulo (Rolynx)

I think it could be a fly. What is the name of those kinds of flies who produce a light by itself at night? Can't remember the name... It could be that kind of a fly. Because I never have heard that light orbs can touch ua or communicate with us.

But the thing flew over to the window could be an orb. Maybe there was a insect in your hair which made your hair move and you may have seen a real orb of light when you turned back... I really can't tell you that my suggestions are correct as I don't have any evidence...

Did you check the bed after seeing that orb? 😊
However I heard that seeing light orbs and shadow people from the corner of your eye means that your third eye is opening... I found that in a post... But not sure

However you was lucky to see a light orb...hahahaha...I never turn that fast to see something behind me at night because what happens if there was a white pale lady instead of that orb of light... LOL...hahahahah...don't take it seriously...

Anyway I think it will be much better if you can provide more info about the incident... 😊

Regards from Blood...
Date: 2016-04-27
thanks for replying yomomma...

Ok I can understand the situation all of you were. 😊 However did you ask the owner about the history of the house...? Maybe she can help you. If others left the house there must be a reason...

But accoring to your story my friend, the ghost doesn't seem to be a evil one. But if I am you, I will probably find the history of that house. Because I can't live with a secret in my mind...

Anyway I wish you will never expirience such unbelievable things again... Try to find some info about that house...It'll help you.

Wishes for you and your family members...
Blood 😊
Awesome Mike...Awesome...hahahahaha LOL... We all welcome you to YGS.

Most of the members try to write their story creepily... But your one is the funniest & short & meaningful one I have ever read in this Website...

Awesome bro...really...Most funniest part is the part that you have discribed the way both of you looked at the ghost... WTF look...hahahah...That is awesome...LOL... I can imagine the way both of you looked at each other... Can't stop laughing...

Ok now let's skip that and let's talk about the expirience... Actually I don't have any suggestions but I think that is just a normal spirit... Entered the room and left the room... So according to my knowledge about ghost I can say that ghost is not harmful...

What happened after he left the room... I need a long discription about it...

Regards my friend,
Date: 2016-04-26
creepy as hell...!

I...I...really can't understand one thing... Why didn't you assume that he is a ghost... If there was no way to run away, If there was no way to escape... It must be a ghost... Unless if there was a way...

Anyway, did you check the opposite end of the roof? Or are you sure that he didn't have a way to escape? If the answers are yes and no, I mean yes for first one and no for second one...

(my conclusion is) It was not, a... Living being... And if I say it shortly... 😐... A ghost has helped you...

The thing I cannot understand is why didn't any of you get surprised? It is absolutely impossible... An unknown guy came to help you from nowhere?

Please answer my question, I really cannot understand the story... I mean I really cannot believe it until you answer my questions...

😢 😢

Regards my friend...
Date: 2016-04-26

I finished my studies and now I am spending the vacation... I think you can remember me...anyway...I read your story and it looks awesome to me... It is like the power that cisco gets (Flash)...

Sadly, I don't have any suggestions about what happened to you... Sorry about it... But I do have lots of (normal) questions...

So you were saying that you Expirienced what you saw in your dream in the previous day... So is it a warning of some kind? Warning from the guardian?...

Please answer...
Date: 2016-04-26

Thank you for answering my question Augustam... I am so sorry for not replying quickly
...I was not online these days as this is my vacation... However Thank you again for reading my story...

Date: 2016-03-13
really creepy...
I got some questions.

Are you sure you were awake that time.?
This is the first time I heard this kind of a story.
Really creepy. But if I was there I won't be afraid. Because there was a whole family around you... 😊
However if you have time please respond.

Thank you for commenting. Hmmm...
I don't think my parents will believe this stuff. So I 'll keep it as a secret. It's better for me 😊


Thanks Dank.

1. Ignore the electricity issues. I know how unreliable the grid is where you are. It is almost certainly nothing paranormal.

Yes I did the same since it didn't seem like threatening.


No,I don't think so


I don't sleep with fans on. They just make me sick instead of making me comfortable.


Yes, I also agree

I saw some nightmares but didn't hear or see anything when I'm awake. Thanks for the suggestions. I do appreciate them too. 😉
Date: 2016-03-10
Oh... 😊

So that's why your friend has assumed it was Gigi. Thanks for the information

BloodEman 😊
Date: 2016-03-10

First I want to apolpgize you for not responding to your comment. I was really stuck with my studies.

Respond to your comment-

I really don't remember whether I stayed stationary at that time because I was 10 years old. The thing I only remember is its movements andy commands. 😊

Then I want to tell you my mother has seen many kinds of lights moving around that house. Both of my grandmothers have seen'em and they are calling those things as gods. (don't consider it as an silly belief system)

And at last I want to thank you for appreciating products of our county. I never thought a man in united states will use tea bags produced in our country.

Please leave a sign to inform me you have read this...

Date: 2016-03-10

Your story is really interesting! And I do have some questions.

Did you see that man (or woman) clearly? If so can you discribe him/she?
Were there any special events relevant to the days that ghost appeared?

You have mentioned that firstly you saw the ghost after football practises. (night) And then he has appeared when you all were talking. (Again night...) Can you remember the time in those occasions?

BloodEman. 😊

Why should I? I don't know whether you are serious or not but calling an electrician?😐 😐 😐
Hi Gelflingfay,

I appreciate the information you have given me but I don't think I will be able to do all of those things. Because my mother and father will think I've gone mad... 😐

But if things started to get any worse, I'll probably try them 😊

I had so many nightmares in this week, but they don't seem to have any relationship with the expiriences... 😉

Thanks for spending your time to help me...
Date: 2016-03-08
Nice story Zeromaru,

I have a question regarding your post. It's about the part at the end that says ' Our depressed man now a little drunk went to up to the door and shouted "Gigi, stop scratching!" We all went quiet then we all heard a very faint "Heek...heek..." somewhat like a sound dogs will make.'

Did your friend open the door to see what it was? If not, how could any of you conclude it's Gigi at once? Maybe it was just another dog which came to the smell of food.

If I was there, I would go and check on it. Did you do the same? 😊
I'm not trying to say that dogs don't come to visit their owners after death but my point is if any of you didn't see Gigi, how could you say it was Gigi?

I'm really feeling sorry for what happened to Gigi. 😐
Date: 2016-02-26

Ok spiritwaiting 😊
I'll read them as soon as possible but I think I won't be able read anymore comments, because I have to
Study for the first-term-test and there's only 3 weeks more...
Date: 2016-02-26
I should be thankful to Jane for spending your time to acknowledge me about paranormal...

I know what you are trying to tell me from the begining... I thought it wasn't paranormal as it didn't threat my life but from all comments, I understood that they are trying to say that paranormal expiriences aren't always life threatening...

So from now on I'm going to consider my story as paranormal...

Ok then, does anyone have an explanation for my paranormal expirience?

[ When I told this story to one of my friends for the first time, he thought I was telling a big lie... And I thought everyone in this site will do the same but fortunately they didn't... I am so happy about that ] 😊