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Hometown Experience on 2016-01-25

I was born and raised in a family that doesn't really believe in the paranormal. We are quiet religious but was also brought up by my old folks telling stories that consist of the explainable and much to say (for me) "impossible" ghost stories. I do live near the famous White House in Baguio in whic...

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Date: 2016-02-03
Hi Good day lady glow,
For the first question: As far as I know my elders knew who the lady was. They actually told us that the lady was a close friend of one of our elders.

For the second question: After the original owners death one of my elders took responsibility of taking care of the house and after a few generations was legally owned by our family. And yes w/in those times, they actually realized that they were not the only resident of the house, they actually told us that a number of "Albularyo's" tried convincing the entities to go away but nothing happened.

For the 3rd question: YES, they actually experienced seeing and hearing things over and over again, maybe that's why they weren't surprised at all when we showed them the video and the picture. Its like they're used to it."No Harm No Foul" I guess.

And for the last question: As I have mentioned in the 2nd question, our elders actually have tried having the services of the "Albularyo" but nothing happened. As for the present generation I don't have any idea if they actually tried a house blessing, I'll have to ask them about that.