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Dark Shadow And Green Orbs on 2016-02-10

My experience goes back a few years ago. Arrived home from a business trip. Due to delayed flight I arrived home late 1 am ish. House was quiet, light were all turned off, typical mid week setting. This is where things get weird. Once I opened the front door I made a hurried beeline to the restr...

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HI Ladydarke,

I appeicate your feedback. You have me concerned about my health. I hope I wasn't expriencing near death exprience. Looking back it appeared real. That black figure or shadow uneasy feeling stairing at my wife. Its never been the same since, the exprience. I m always on the look out for the figure or orbs.
When I opened the door I really thought this shadow or figure was my wife. If you have any idea what it this exprience was. Flash lights in my eyes whatever it was.

1. No I don't recall walking upstairs.

2. Yes my wife asked me what were saying downstairs and did I have a good trip. Next day she asked " can ask a question who were you talking too when you came home" I told her, what happend.

3. Thats a good question funny thing is I do remember arriving home at 1pm ish my flight was delayed a few hrs. I don't recall the time until the next morning.

4. I was a little tried nothing new after a 4 hr flight. No exprience of anything like that I exprienced that night in the house. Dark figure and those orbs- I never forget my exprience, it scared me.
I saw the same green orb oval dancing on my wall followed by 2 bright tourches lights shinning in my face.