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I know many people are probably going to think this is my imagination or something because I'm young, but I feel as though 2 spirits of some kind are following me. I believe one is friendly and the other I am unsure. If you think you can help me with this or want to know more please ask. Also I am not the best with technology so if you can help me with anything on this site it would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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Am I Being Followed Or Looked After? on 2016-02-11

I know many people may disregard this because I am only a young teen but please read this. I don't think it will come out as too much of a story as I have a few disabilities and I am sorry for that. So here goes. I've always believed in spirits of all kinds and I believe there is a heaven and hel...

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Thankyou so much everyone for commenting.

Blacksecret, I'm very sorry but I am unsure of what your asking.

Thankyou for the welcome Mack (I refer to Kaamren now and am sorry if this causes confusion) in my family my sister can sense spirits very well and has seen our pop who passed away when I was around 1 1/2 years old, I'm now 15 and my sister says that she's had her hair pulled and things whispered to her that she couldn't understand when I've told her that I've seen either of the figure or girl and there have also been family members that have seen exsicims (I know I spelt it wrong I'm sorry) and much more. I've had the feeling of there being a presence around since I can remember.

I'm calm as I've gotten pretty used to it and seeing as though they haven't harmed me yet I just take notice but don't fear them.

I'm very open minded and I believe in everything paranormal. I don't believe I'm crazy ehe.

You have been of very much assistance Mack.

Thank you


Hello DandK,

It varies a lot of how much I see them. For example one week I could see them almost every day and another week I might only see them once or not see them.

Thankyou for reading my story I'm glad you enjoyed it