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Faerie Visitation on 2016-02-18

Not a ghost story but still a tale of spiritual entities so hope this is still relevant as I have been searching my whole life for an explanation of the following. I have submitted this event to a few sites and forums, I have read a few books on such subjects but have never read of another similar e...

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Date: 2016-03-05
Over ten years since I had contact with that author, cannot remember who it is though re-reading my books might remind me which one it was. Possibly he didn't write his second book. More likely that my tale sounds so unbelievable that it was discarded.
The way I see it, either there is such a thing as Spiritual beings, and this would include God, or there are none at all.
If there are none at all, then every post on this website, every tale in such books, are all equally non-sense.
If there are such entities, then they are capable of far more unbelievable occurrences than befell me.

I am afraid I posted the picture to the author and I didn't have a scanner back then. I even went to the trouble of buying a small painting set to do it.
Date: 2016-03-04
Hi Rook, It certainly wasn't a dream, I don't think even if I wanted to as a "sensible" adult that I could convince myself it was a dream, I think the proof being the fact I could still see the cobweb of energy for a couple of weeks after, and my Mother who can still recall me pointing up to the corner and asking her, "Whats that".

A good point re weaving a "Dream Catcher"

As for "escaping in my dreams", the notion of entities "fighting" over me, only occurred much later in life when I tried to make more sense of it, plus the dreams I had as a child were mostly nightmares involving people and modes of transport determined to kill me.

Spiritwaiting, you are correct in the notion of the likes of Disney improving the image of the Fae to be more appealing to children, I understand for instance that the Grim Fairy tales were quite horrific.
I wasn't frightened at the time though, a bit perturbed when I saw the first man on the cloud pushing against the window, but after that I was more curious, as I have said in my replies, I only surmised a logical explanation in later years, at the time I was just an observer.
The Fairy didn't smile or anything, she just looked at me impassively. As for inquires, that is why I have posted here and any other similar forum I might find, despite the danger of ridicule. I have quite a few books on the subject, I even wrote to one of the authors about it, he was thinking of writing a second book on the subject and got me to paint a picture of what I had seen, but nothing came of that. The "wondering why" is the main motivation for all the above.
Date: 2016-03-04
Further to my response and Macknortons questions, I was not aware at the time I was shortly to be put in a Children's home, even on the day Mother didn't tell me, she just lead me up the path to this big house in Balham and left me there. Besides which, this sort of thing I thought was a normal part of life as she had already left me with Grandparents when I was 18 months old, then a further two relatives after Grandmother died when I was three.

Another point, this was the single paranormal event that occurred in my life until I was 28 so it's not as if I was prone to such things.

As for believing the Fae were "evil" and the cobwebs of energy had come to save me, these are only suppositions I have made in recent years, at the time I could make no sense of what was occurring, it was like watching a film I didn't understand at the time.
Date: 2016-03-03
Thanks for the replies. Regarding the question, "what happened to the Fairy girl and her guards", They just suddenly weren't there any more, the cobweb of energy arrived and the wardrobe instantly returned to normal as if the whole scene vanished.

At the time, myself and Grandfather lived with my Mother.

The household was never even remotely religious, I used to go to church alone as a child and wondered why my Mother didn't go.

I don't think this could have been a result of my mind wanting it to happen like the Easter Bunny case, The chain of events seem too flowing to be from a five year olds imagination and I certainly cannot envisage where the cobweb of energy thing would have emerged from my imagination. I remember being quite surprised to see it still there in the warm light of day after a day at school.

As for investigating it, I was five at the time, the world was still fairly new and I guess I thought it was just another aspect of it that I had not yet encountered. I did ask my Mother but people didn't take pictures the way they do today back in 1964. I was too small to reach it. I cannot remember if I did anything else.

I don't think this could have been an imaginary event as it was just as real as anything that ever happened to me, I remember it the same way as any other noteworthy event in my life, that's why I have kept the memory rather than discarding it as a childhood fantasy.

Whats the thing with Nordics and black hair?