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Peculiar Noises on 2008-08-26

I just want to ask if some others encounter the same strange things like I was having last night. I go to sleep, and suddenly near my window I heard a very powerful noise I can't describe exactly, but was like the sound that a helicopter makes. I say "seems" because the sound in my opinion could no...

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Date: 2008-08-27
no...till now I haven't any problems with my sleep
Yes...but the sounds start and stop for 3-4 times... I just ask my neightbor if he heared something strange, and he said to me that he not... And he slept also with window open
Date: 2008-08-27
thank you for your feedbacks.
The only problem last night was a strange feeling of fear... And as a result of this I couldn't sleep
I must read about this "sleep paralysis" I never heared of that, but I tell you, I actualy get off the bed and look the window, that was no sleep:)
Emma2008 you are right, you describe similar to what I heared
Maybe if we know the language of barking we could realise what the dog tried to say, 6 times I read something from the internet and they said that is a sign of fear.
I know around us strange thinks happened everyday; I also like to read about EVP, Out of body experience etc, and I try to figure out if the that sound was real or not
I also take yoga courses some years ago and I know the power of mind is beyond our imagination
About the dog, I don;t know if is still alive because I haven't see him today, I will look when I'm home.
I want to mention only one thing, I have 3 rooms conected in front of the house (in the middle one I heared the sound), but a results of what happened 2 nights ago, last night I was sleep in the room from the backspace garden (it's a single room -a small one)
Thank you all