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United States
Southern California raised girl who recently moved to Tennessee.

I have grown up in a world of paranormal and spirits. I have had so many things happen that I simply do not understand. No one has really been able to help me figure out what has happened and what I can do.

I will share my stories here with you guys (I have a lot of them) and try to give the advice that I can where I can.:-)

Blessed be!
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My Namesake Sticking Around on 2016-02-24

So, this is my first story here on YGS, and probably one among many. Quick background of my experiences on life: I've had paranormal/supernatural/spiritual/pick a synonym experiences all my life. They range from harmless to confusing to downright terrifying. I also have a phobia of ghost/non-huma...

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Hey everyone!

Just got a chance to read the comments (we haven't had internet where I live! Oh no!)

Thank you to everyone with your comments.:-) I really appreciate them!

I do have many more stories to share here on YGS that I do need help understanding, so definitely expect those in the future!

As for my phobia... It doesn't stem from anything being taught as a kid. A lot of people have told me "Don't worry, ghosts/spirits/etc can't hurt you!" And my response usually is "If they can fling a chair/table/etc, they can fling a knife!" Also, possessions, and such scare me.

I always try to keep amethyst on me to help, but I've been sensitive to a lot my whole life, which probably got really overwhelming and I had no one to talk to about it properly.

All in all, thank you all so much for your help, compliments and comments! <3 I really appreciate it! I am looking forward to hearing your wisdom on future subjects! From what I have read through other comments, you all have great views on things!

Blessed be! <3
Wow! Very interesting indeed!

I feel that even if she was a "demon" she wasn't the evil from hell kind of demon. There are demons just as a species. Perhaps she was curious about the tent and thought you were an interesting being. They can sense others' energy and yours may have intrigued her.

As for your fear? It could be similar to what I experience. I have a phobia of ghosts and such (trying to get over/manage it), so whenever I sense something, see something or whatnot, I do feel a sense of fear, but it can be likened to that of going on a "scary" ride or reading a scary story. There are times I have felt true, petrifying fear from the otherworldly. So, only you can know what kind of fear you felt.

I simply see it as another being. An "Otherkin" so to speak!
Date: 2016-02-24
This... This is too eeriely close to what I experienced (and have been trying to muster the courage to write about here).

I've been reading stories on here to see if anyone has experienced the same thing.

I truly do not know what it was, but I had the same feelings. Overwhelming urge to get up and check on something, seeing a thin shadow man... My cat being bothered by it and most of all: being paralysed. With fear? I don't know. But I could not move or take my eyes away from it.

My question to you; did you feel as if this figure/being continued to stay in your life for years after or only the few smaller things here and there?
Date: 2016-02-22
I have seen orbs in photos several times.

My thoughts on these? I have a feeling they might be (mainly) dust. My reason for this is such; Hotels rooms are cleaned, then sometimes left empty for quite some time. Dust settles. When people come in and move around, lay on the bed, etc., they kick up that dust.

So, there may be a chance that it was just some dust floating around!

Though, I'd love to be wrong!:D