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All This Time It Was Him on 2008-08-26

It all began back when I was seven years old. My uncle that lived next door passed away, and I was his favorite nephew. Here in México, we have this belief that after a funeral, people gather to pray for the late person. It was in the afternoon like I've said, I was seven, and I was with a cousin wh...

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Date: 2008-09-01
well about me doing the prank it wasn't only me my cousin was involved to but she hasn't seeing anything, but I would like to see him like I've said I was his favorite nephew and somehow he was like a father to me, and lately I kind of have this nostalgic feeling and I wonder if he won't come anymore I think he moved to my ex's dreams. By the way look forward to my next story because I'll include a video thanks for your comments
Date: 2008-08-28
yeah that's right, and she keeps dreaming about him but she can't pull herself together and ask him what he wants and I'm really curious because of what I know there are some issues about his money that he left pending (he lost his money in a scam, a lot of people did)
Date: 2008-08-28
well I think you might be right but she told me that she had never have this kind of experiences until that time, and almost everyone on my house have seen this shadow.
Thanks for the comments
for the thing you said, they burned the ouija board right, terrible mistake the board is the passage from their dimenssion to ours and what they did is that they just closed her doorway and that's why she is "stuck" here
I live in baja california Mexico but california and baja california are supposed to be the same. Here, on baja the lady in white make act of presence too. Many people have seen her on the roads at night. Nice story