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I'm 27 years old and have believed in the paranormal since I can remember. My earliest experience was after my granddad died in 1998 and a cold wind would blow through my bedroom for no reason. I am engaged to the biggest paranormal skeptic I have ever met, so I'm very relieved to have found YGS to share my stories!
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A Very Brief Encounter - Part 2! on 2016-07-07

A few months back I posted a story about my experience in Edinburgh at Mary King's Close. Well I went back to Edinburgh in June and something else happened! My fiancé had never been to Edinburgh so we decided to take a day trip there. He is into his paranormal movies and loves to give himself a s...

A Very Brief Encounter on 2016-02-23

I came across YGS a few months ago, and I have to say I have been fascinated by the experiences that others have shared on the site. I have always taken an interest in the paranormal, as the county in England from where I originate is rich in paranormal activity and ghostly stories. I wanted to shar...

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Date: 2016-10-24
Hi Deegeecoo,

Do you know who owned the land that the cottages are built on? My first thought as you mentioned it is in the countryside, was that they could have belonged to a large estate and workers/tenant farmers were housed there. If so, there will be records somewhere for sure. I don't think census records go back that far, but for tax reasons landowners had to declare workers and properties (and in the 17th century they loooved showing off how much they had!).

I imagine if it's 400 years old that it could well be a listed building, in which case your local council or even the National Trust, might have some information too. I used to live in an old cottage which was turned into flats (think the structure of the building was about 200 years old) and was able to find out through land registry records that it belonged to the local manor house (now a private hotel and golf club). I even got the name of the architect who designed it. I think what Biblio suggests about the pub is good, as older people might be able to give you some information on the local area.

Do you think there is any malevolence in the spirit which is in your house? Certainly sounds like it is trying to get your attention, maybe he/she is just saying "hey, this is my house!". It sounds a bit like the one walking past is one which is just living out its daily routine. I would be interested to know if it walks past at a specific time of the day.

Think there's a strong case for saying that your neighbours and landlord are aware of the issue based on how you describe their reaction. I've often found when mentioning my own experiences, that people don't want to talk about things because they are embarrassed and worry about being judged. It's probably their way of dealing with it if they have lived there a while and it happens all the time!

Good luck with your search, hope you find some answers!
Hey Bigpapa, have your family ever experienced anything and have you ever told them about what's happened to you? I suspect maybe its too long ago for your son to remember being put on the counter but it could be worth asking if he has any recollection.

It sounds a bit like it's trying to get your attention. Was there anyone in your family who died that you were close to? I like the suggestion Biblio makes that maybe they are trying to let you know they are still around.

I also second Biblio that it could be trying to get a bit more attention than it currently gets. Have you noticed any trend when the events happen that something sets it off to do something a bit more noticeable than just knocking?

Best wishes from the UK!
I'm so sorry for your loss. He may not give you any signs right now but I'm sure his spirit is still with you every day x
[at] Foxglove - yes, this was in one of the rooms adjacent. I have a feeling they changed the tour from the first time I went which made it all the more confusing about where I was in relation to the doll room! The whole place is so freaky, and apparently the tour guides sometimes go down there alone. Ha ha definitely not a job for me then being a scaredy cat!
[at] shelbyloree - I always think, just imagine how many people must have lived and passed through somewhere like that. The levels of emotion must be like a roller coaster. I think it's been on loads of these ghost hunting shows, think I even saw one where a guy slept down there on his own all night. Yikes! I don't think the tour guides believe all that stuff they tell you and what psychics say, the one we had was pretty happy to pick dolls up in the "doll room" and throw them back down in quite a non caring sort of way (which made me feel so uncomfortable after the two experiences I had as the last think I would want to do would to be upset the spirits!)
Date: 2016-03-03
Hi Mack,

I definitely considered that my mind was playing tricks because the guide told us it was haunted! I do feel like it was a spirit, but even to this day sometimes I do wonder! And yes, it literally passed by and disappeared off to the left side of me.

I'm not sure what the story is of the girl. I believe from previous research that it was claimed she was left down there to starve because she had the plague (although as you know, these places like to embellish stories to make them more spooky!). I feel sad for the spirit because I think that if people keep bringing toys, they are keeping it here on earth 😢