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Jon Kubicz
United States
I am an avid fisherman, and love to play guitar. I am also really interested in history on a local and state level because I feel that it is our roots that help shape us into who we are.
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The Highway Q Phantom on 2016-02-23

This story dates back a couple of years, at least three years back by this point but I remember the events clear as day. It was during spring break, so somewhere around mid-March. I had driven a friend back to their house in Waukesha and had taken Highway 164 north to where it intersected with Highw...

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Date: 2016-03-08
A shadow person sounds like a completely logical explanation, and that is true that they are far more common indoors than outside. The fact that the headlights were distinctly upon it however and it still looked like a black solid pillar of darkness gliding across the road makes me think that is probably what it was. I frankly never knew that shadow people existed outside too, if that's truly what it was.