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Bad Energy In The House on 2016-03-01

I am in my mid twenties and want to share my experiences I've had in my life. This first one is the one that I felt most uncomfortable with. When I was 12 years old my dad and mom got divorced and I and my brother had to visit my dad every two weeks for a couple of days. He moved to a house with ...

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Date: 2016-03-11
The farmer: we all left house and I never had that feeling again. The other family members always were saying: it's the wind/it's an Animal/ it's the electricity being funny.
S started to hear things as well, but tried to ignore it. Later on she realized that it was real, after working in a retirement home, she experienced more and more.
But I never had a chance to ask the new people if they experienced anything.

Goggzy, I just never felt like that, anywhere else. I know paying attention to it only made it worse. I don't know if anyone died at that house, I do know that the previous owner died, and she was my stepmother's grandmother. I've never met her when she was alive.