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I am new to this site but am glad I found it. I have had many experiences in my life, and have wanted to find a place that I could share and get feedback on. I look forward to sharing with everyone here
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Crying In The Night At Camp on 2016-03-23

It was the summer of 2003. I was 11 or 12 at the time. I remember being very happy and excited because it was our annual year end girl guide camp. The year end camp is when all the girl guide units in the city come together for a big weekend camp. At night we sleep with our unit but during the day w...

Visiting My Daughter on 2016-03-09

These are a few things that have happened to my daughter. While I can't be 100 percent certain that these are paranormal, the timing of each of these is to coincidental. Our daughter turned 2 at start of the year. I wasn't ever home when these happened, so this is my husband telling me. First ...

Mr 10:30 on 2016-03-07

Short story This happened on my 16th birthday. October 30th. I was working nights with my mom. Got out of the van to put papers in a box. This particular box always creeped me out simply because it was in a old neighborhood and the street lights often didn't work. So I would always look aroun...

Nothern Lights From My Brother on 2016-03-01

On July 12th 2013 my big brother decided that living on earth with the rest of us wasn't worth his pain. It was the HARDEST time of my life. I don't think I'll ever forget that day. About 2 weeks prior to my brothers death, I found out I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter. He was the first pe...

The Little Girl On The Swing on 2016-02-29

In Calgary, Alberta. This happened about 10 years ago. I was 14 or 15 at the time, and working night shift with my mom delivering papers. I was having a lot of unexplainable things happen to me. One place we delivered to was beside an old park that no one played on anymore, and I always saw a lit...

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Date: 2016-03-15
Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you so much for reading:)
I myself am not Filipino, just my husband. I am as Caucasian as they come. Born in Canada with Irish, Scottish and German heritage. Though I have always wanted to be of asain heritage because almost all asain cultures are so deep and amazing.
I am biased when I say that I think my daughter is amazingly adorable:)

Thank you again ❤
Date: 2016-03-15
Thanks for reading:).

I think you may be right.

Like I said he didn'tfeel threatening in any way and also being approached was a very common thi g delivering paper. Mostly homeless people asking for money for food. Every now and then someone wanted a paper.

Thanks for the comment. I read your story, its very similar. I wonder if my "Mr 10:30" has asked others for the time as the man did in your story.
For as long as I can remember I have been able to see and hear things. Though in the time after my brother passed I think I have subconsciously put a block on that part of my brain? I haven't seen or heard anything since.
Date: 2016-03-15

For me it does sound like your dad just wanted to see his daughter one last time. Have you ever had experiences with him after this? Have you maybe only felt his presence and did see him? It also could have been a dream. He could have visited you in dream. After my brother died, We think that he visited each of us that night. I got northern lights and my dad and 2 sisters got dreams and my mom swears she felt someone hug her. So it is quite possable that he was visiting you in dream as a way of saying good bye.

Hope this helps,
Date: 2016-03-09

My husband is Filipino also so this story initially intrigued me because its from the Philippines.

Grandma's know best. I loved that your ama is still looking after you. She must have loved you guys very much and still does. Out of curiosity did that one incident make you quit smoking? I think if I was a smoker and knew that my grandma was "telling on me" from the grave I would either smoke more to be kind of like "its my life, I'll do what I want" or I would feel guilty about it and quit.

Thank you for shairing 😆
Date: 2016-03-09
Thats a lovely story, loosing a pet is always hard. Maybe Gigi knew how hard it was on your friend and just wanted to let him know that he was still there?
Date: 2016-03-09
Man that's so creepy. I can see it as a prank, but have you thought that maybe when Ben told you that story it kind of opened you to seeing someone? Like, if before he spoke to you the idea of seeing a ghost there wasn't even in your mind so you wouldn't have seen her? Once he told you a family had died in there even though you brushed it off the the knowledge that people had died was there. Possibly by knowing that, it gave the little girl access?
Just a theory:)
Date: 2016-03-09
Thats why this story is so easy to remember. The timeing of it. Its happened a lot where I have seen things that my mom didn't. Sometimes I would say just from her position the person or thing was clearly out of sight. With this one there's no way that she could have missed him.
Thank for reading

I think that you are right. I think he did just need to be seen, by someone. I not only happened to be there, the date was important to me also. Its a "gift" I cherish.

I loved your little woodchuck story. Do you think that it was the spirit of the man drawing you to his tombstone? Or do you thibk it could have been something else that knew this man needed a visit?
I didn't even see your comment when I saw Calamity's, sorry! I also get goodebumps thinking back to it.

As I said the Calamity we lived in a not so grat area of tje city at the time. And while being Canadian our general health care is free any persciption is not free unless you have coverage. We did not. The doctor in our neighborhood was know for just giving persciption and saying you were suck when you really weren't. Loved it when I was a kid playing sick to get out of school.
My mom would talk to her friend on a regular basis. I think at fist she thought it might have been just a spirit, but when my mom told her of the dream she knew something was seriously wrong. If something like this ever did happen to my daughter, I think I would first go to the doctor as I live in a much better neighborhood now and trust our doctor a whole lot more.

It has happened quite a bit where I have seen things that my mother couldn't. This one was different because usually I qould only see them once or twice, but I saw her all the time until the dream.

Thank you for your theory. Thats sound very accurate to me. She did teach both mom and I how to properly do a smudging. So that if we moved or anything we would be able to. I have also done research as to other ways to protect myself from things that mean harm.

Not going to lie, it sucked. I think she came via dream because its easier to take over ones subconscious. I'm not 100% sure. Also I think that maybe she could project her image but overall I think her entity was tied to that park.

Wish-Not and brighteyez
Thankyou both for reading and your comments.

I hope this helped everyone. Thank you all.
First, thank you all for reading.

I am so sorry to hear that you also know this feeling. Its not something I would wish on my worst enemy.
I have accepted your virtual hug arms wide open:) and your comment made me smile. I can't thank you enough.

Are you in Canada also? I just ask because you said its was all over the news and I don't know how far the new of the flood went. That was the worst summer here for rain. We couldn't get out of the house or anything the rain was to heavy for almost a week straight. Luckily I live far enough NE in the city that we werent affected by the flood. It was all downtown and the south east/west of Calgary. The town Highriver was flooded also... But as we say here its called Highriver for a reason.
I'm blaming that on my phones auto correct -.-
I probably misspelled it to begin with and my phone just changed it to the closest thing. Haha. Thanks for the comment.

Thank you for the prayers.

We lived in a no so great to live in neighborhood. The doctor was... Well it was obvious that he truly didn't care. I once needed a doctor's note for missing one shift at work (I was 19 at this time) and he (same doctor) prescribed me something when I was no longer sick. The shift I missed was a week before and my boss told me to get a note.
Why we didn't go to another doctor in another neighborhood? I couldn't tell you.

I think it was on the advice of a religious friend that she called the church. I have no clue how she chose which church, probably the same friend gave her a number.

Wow. I totally understand your guilt. When my brother committed suicide... I wish I just would have called him once more. I'm happy for you being able to let go of your guilt, as you said we are only human. I found your story helpful to me in my journey of letting mine go. Whilw I kow he wouldn't want me to feel guilty and I know he's still here with me when I need him. I still feel that sting.

Your story has deffinetly brought me some peace though, seeing that others know this feeling.

Thank you ❤

Date: 2016-03-01
Hello moon-gang! This is a great story thanks for sharing. I am also new to this site and its pretty awesome to see all these amazing stories in one place.

I am with Mhannerism in regards to the exact definition of a Jinn? Could you possibly go into more detail about what they are?

Thank-you in advance,
Dear Spiritwaiting,

This is beautiful and I love it. I know many people who have had experiences similar to this when someone they loved deeply has passed. Thank you for shairing:)