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The Vanishing Guy on 2016-03-15

This is my second story. It happened just 3 days ago in the city of Singapore, where I am currently residing. Last Sunday, I woke up at 5.45 in the morning to meet my friends for early jog/exercise. I left house at 6 o'clock. In this country, the sun normally rises around 7 AM, so by the time I ...

During Our Christmas Caroling on 2016-03-02

My scary experience happened during my last year in high school. As a tradition during Christmas in our school, my teachers organize caroling to raise funds for some of school activities (for those who don't know, we go house to house, sing Christmas songs and the house owners give us some money, bu...

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Date: 2016-03-18
Hello SDS, thanks for your comment.

Regarding your questions, the luggage bag is in front of the shorter guy who is facing the road. The taller guy was behind the shorter guy also facing the road. No, I didn't see the face of the shorter guy. That's another thing I am still thinking and trying to figure out until now. That time, it was still dark outside but not night dark, so from afar when I first saw them until the moment I was in front of the shorter guy, I only saw shadow figure. That means I totally did't see the face or colour of shirt or skin. It's just like looking at a shadow. So I'll have to make my own investigation on this.
Hello Mhannerism, thanks for your comment. The kapre thing happened somewhere in Pampanga.

That was a scary story. Luckily I didn't look at the kapre. But I'm still sceptic about it until now since I haven't personally seen it.

Hi Lady-glow, apart from that, I don't have any more other information to add. I myself is also sceptic since I didn't personally see the Kapre.

Thanks for replying:)
lady-glow thanks for your comment.

As this happened very long time ago, I couldn't exactly remember what was the reaction of my teacher and other classmates because I was just focused on myself being very scared. But I think they believe. Because in our place, there's also a lot of paranormal stories. We also have a classmate who got "possessed" few times in that very school.

Yes, I was sleeping seating on the arm chair. I know there is a possibility that the numbness is due to the way I positioned myself, maybe a little uncomfortable. But the shaking of the chair, I am very sure it happened because until now I still cannot forget. And yes, both my body and chair are shaking that time.

Thanks for your input. I would like to hear more if you have any explanation of what happened to me that time. Cheers!