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Driving Over A Spirit? on 2016-03-14

I saw this with my own eyes along with a group, but was still very scary and reaffirmed my belief in the paranormal. It was an Indian festival called Rakhi. It is a festival for brothers and sisters. Sisters tie rakhee to their brothers and ask for the sisters well being, security and safety. An...

A Visit By Invisible on 2016-03-07

This is my first submission. I will try to explain in a little detail so that the context is set correct. I am from Hyderabad in India. Which is the southern part of the country. While growing up I have heard a lot of incidents of spirits and ghosts and was scared of them very much. I am scared e...

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I feel there was no need for this. Its an open platform and people are supposed to mention their feelings. Telling that anything that is not assistance to the O/P will be deleted does not show well after so much of ups and downs with the O/P's story. My honest opinion.
Karen...Calm down dear. I prayers and thoughts are with you and for a speedy recovery of Maya. I hope everything will be all set soon. I can only imagine the kind of stress you are undergoing and its just a passing cloud. I am sure all your problems will be soon gone.

Please calm down.
Bonshaw is the name of a place. Miracles... I have read a lot of stories before. But I haven't observed/looked for same people posting with multiple accounts. May be there are but I don't know
Karen...I hope you read this. Its quite interesting that you have named your kid as Maya. Maya is a word from Hindu culture. Which means Magic.

I am only trying to say that it could be real. Its the kind and compassionate person you are that you would like to hear that the kid is not in any problem. Thank you for that. I also would pray that the kid not be any problem and if she is already in one, then may the problem be resolved at the earliest.

You wrote your candid opinion. I think that is what this site is known for. Don't be sorry please.

Regards and Respect,

Emma_Girl: I don't think it is a fake story. I believe there is some sort of paranormal activity involved. We can justify paranormal with a rational thinking. Things are beyond rational thinking and hence they are called paranormal. I really think these things are happening with Karen and her kids.
Rational thinking makes me feel that the whole story is made up (except for the child undergoing a problem).

At the same time, it could be that what Karen has written is true completely. May be these things are happening. May be there was a power outage and it was not reported. There are a lot of things which happen around us and won't be reported either because it was not brought to the notice or brought to the notice but not reported because it won't match the reporting agencies agenda. Calling someone a lair because something was not reported is absolute rubbish.

Lets say this story was made up... The O/P made so many of us hook to this story and follow up and constantly keep visiting the story to check for updates. That is quite a brilliant story writing. Isnt it. This says that the O/P is a very good writer and stroked the right chords amongst so many of us. She could have continued the same thing. If it was really a fake story or the O/P is a lair, she would not have gone to the extent of mentioning specific details of which building the power was off and the duration.

Some times rational thinking drives us to make wrong judgement.

I believe Karen's experiences are real and would love to hear back from her on the site.

Karen, there is no need for you to be upset. This site is full of information and people who are willing to help. Posters like Macknorton, ladydarke, miracles, ladyglowe and babygoatpuller are also very helpful people. I don't think they are jerks and definitely not online bullies.

If I may, I will quote you: You said "And to be blunt so much of what was going on was so bizarre that I didn't think anyone would believe me anyways. I won't even go into it now." You are right. It is bizarre. And its really difficult to believe with a rational mind. No one should be called a jerk or a bully because they think rationally.

No one really is a bully here.

I believe your story because the moment it is paranormal... Rational activities/thinking comes to a cease. I understand that.
Did anyone hear from Karen vie email or through any other means? Coming back to this story to check for her safety every day but no updates!: (
Zeromaru...Were you scared after you realised that it was indeed a spirit speaking in your ear? Have you wondered if your father said or did something to make that spirit angry/emotional in some way that it has asked you to leave?
Or was it the presence of your father who knew a lot more than a common man would know about spirits, made the spirit uncomfortable in some way. This is a very small incident. But it opened up to a lot of questions. Would you be able to give details? Rome and Latin are a subject of deep interest for me and for many people on the site. Any information you may provide will be helpful to understand
Date: 2016-03-18
Dreamer: It is so much sweets on that day, most people feel very drowsy after noon. Because so much of sugar is in their body by noon.

He was fine within a couple of days with no medication/visit to the doctor. If it was so nasty it would not have been such a quick recovery from Urinary track infection/dengue.
Date: 2016-03-18
Seraphina: Thanks Mate. Yes, while many things are more or less similar in cultures/beliefs...there are equally many which are unique to geographies and cultures. This site plays a good role of being a melting pot of beliefs and culture. We can read discuss and understand. Hope you have a good day.
Date: 2016-03-17

I will try to answer as much as I can to your points but my knowledge is limited in this regard. I was a witness to what happened in Manish's house. Though I am an Indian, I stay in UAE. This visit to Manish's house happened when I was on a Month long vacation to India. Employees in UAE are mostly expats and its a general practice to take a month long annual vacation back home.

Random and sudden spiritual possession: I am not aware in general. But especially back home I have heard of people getting possessed just being back from a day long or couple of days trip or even by a small walk. In many interiors of the country, the practice of Black Magic is being done using lemons/eggs/clay pots and they are placed on the streets where people walk. The belief is, if you cross that, what ever is associated with the egg/lemon/clay pot (among others), will follow you home and will enter into your body. This can be viewed very commonly during a no moon night/full moon night. Because the people who practice witch craft believe that their power multiplies on these days. Rakhi every year is on a full moon day.

Measure of Time: I don't know. May be Indian spirits are good at mathematics and time measurement. 😜. I didn't give it a logical though at that moment nor until you raised this point, because I was focusing only on the outcome that Manish should be normal back again.

In India, Goats are many times used by people practicing black magic as a sacrifice to please what they are worshiping. Even in people not practicing black magic, Goats are sacrificed to please gods. Some during day, Some in the evening and black magicians at mid night at secluded places. May be it has something to do with that.

That lane they passed through is popularly called as Shaitan Galli (literal translation is the Demon's lane). My ancestral house is only a couple of minutes walk from that lane. And I heard from my elders that people go and keep food/raw meat and a lot of other offerings in that lane on no moon days and full moon days. To keep the demon happy so that it won't hurt people. I don't know the realty so I would neither accept nor deny the practice. It could be a Ginn as well. Not necessarily a spirit. But I don't know.

I was not taking any kind of notes. I was a spectator and had no reason to record it in some way or the other. At hindsight, I should have recorded it. At least the audio part of it. It would have been much helpful to hear it and would have been absolutely great to see if it was a video recording.

In many cultures/locations in India breaking of glass is considered a bad omen. The reason... In addition to its only pragmatic job of reflecting as is, there is a lot of philosophy attached to mirror in India and I believe in parts else where. Mirror is a reflection of realty and when the realty is clouded the glass breaks.
Hence it is considered as a bad omen because philosophically indicates that something around is not the way it is supposed to be. (This is my interpretation of the popular belief)

I appreciate your questioning. Its a good way to understand others thought processes and possibly rule out something which is not real.


Date: 2016-03-14

I am unsure what your question is and what response you want when you say please respond. I will try my best to address what I understood from your comment.

Two people in the group did leave the place after we all heard the sound and used the only ladder in place to get down.
They called us that they reached down safely and that they did not face any trouble. May be they were trying to reassure us and them selves that there is nothing. We heard the sound but there was no physical blockage to the ladder and hence they could use the ladder. May be they felt the need to escape the place and hence left the place, just like we went inside the room. I don't know why they haven't come back. May be they went down in the first place not to come back?

The thing is, it is not about 3 AM. It is UNTIL 3 AM we have faced it. I first heard the sound at 2:00 AM. I was not trying to focus on the 3:00 AM belief. But its a co-incidence that it was 3:00 AM when we sent inside the room.
Date: 2016-03-12
Hahahahahahaha. Mhanne Yes. If it was a spirit then it should have been in the Military when it was alive. A very disciplined Spirit. There was a banging on the door and then everything stopped. It was so loud and strong that one single person could not have made such a powerful bang. Anyways we did vist that place and stayed on the terrace many times after that incident as well. But we never faced any such issue again.
Date: 2016-03-10
I know why we were scared. I spoke to a couple of guys in the group today. We were scared because we thought it was some spirit or ghost and that there is nothing we can do about it at that moment.
Date: 2016-03-10
Macknorton & DandK: I agree its a shame we didn't investigate the banging on the door. Honestly, we chickened out. I am usually a person, so is the group, who likes adventures. I don't really know why we all chickened out. There was a definite vibe of fear/scare. It could be within ourselves but the situation was real scary. If it was indeed a person who did this, she/he must have had the laugh of their life continuing until today at us. Grown up men chickening out at the sound of payal in the night. Face Palm.

I would suggest you something and I am sure it will help at least maintain your mental calm.

Wake up before the sunrise and take a walk out in the open for 30 minutes at lease everyday such that you walk partly without the sun and partly with the sun. This helps in your body taking sufficient oxygen and also sufficient early sun rays. It helps very much try doing that at least for 25 to 30 days. This is for your mental calmness.

Try to follow Rook Dygin's cleansing method to physically cleanse your house. I understand there might be eyebrows raise in the family but you need to talk to them openly about what you encounter and how you feel about it. There will surely be someone in your location who can help you with this.

I don't think it is to do with your illusions. I believe that there might be something truly happening around you. Seek help from people around you.

Prayers from my side to help you put an end to all that bothers you.
Silentwings: I don't know if it is rude to ask in you country/culture. But are you expecting a child/already have a child now? I would want to hear a yes as that would be so much peaceful and reassure the belief in god. Please do let me know.
I am of a feeling that "Dygin, Rook Dygin" would be more life saving than "Bond, James Bond"!