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Coins And Guitar Picks on 2017-05-08

I hinted at these two occurrences in the comments of my last submission and was encouraged to post them. They are not scary but they are weird. They are not connected except that I was there at the time for both of them. A few weeks ago I was in the basement of University Hospital in London, Onta...

Empty School's Various Occurrences on 2017-04-28

Lorne Ave public school was an active primary school until June 2016. It is a largish three story building of 1960s vintage (or so). The school board closed the school due to declining enrollment, and sold the property to the City of London, last summer. It now languishes in limbo until a final deci...

Voices In The Factory on 2017-01-09

An account entitled "Unfamiliar Voices and Other Odd Things" submitted by Enlightened1959, has prompted me to submit this account as they have one area of similarity. In the early 1980s I worked for the Carnation Milk Company in Aylmer, Ontario. The factory was built in around 1905, I believe. So...

Table Tipping on 2017-01-05

Over the last 15 years one of the fire halls I performed maintenance on had garnered a reputation as being haunted. There were strange swirling globes of light, odd sounds, smells of cooking, and even an ethereal figure of a woman, from the waist up only, that faded away after turning and looking at...

The Moving Chair on 2016-12-05

Until I was 9 years old I lived in a turn of the century small bungalow with my parents, two brothers and one sister. Our house was on Haven Road, a couple of blocks from the corner of Dufferin Street and Lawrence Avenue West in Toronto, Ontario. It was about 1966 or 1967 when the event happened. ...

Alarm Bells In The Hospital on 2016-09-26

This account, as my last one, involves strange goings on surrounding my mother. Some might consider the following as merely a coincidence but I find the odds of that being so, astonishingly small. While not strictly "ghostly" I believe that it was orchestrated by those not in the physical realm. ...

Oma's Denial Of A House Guest on 2016-05-03

This account involves me, my children, my sister and my mother. It took place in my mother's home in a small town near London, Ontario, Canada. I grew up in that house since I was 9 years old and while it is not the main story, I did have one odd, repeated occurrence, that happened to me. Of...

The Tree Fort And My Invisble Cousin on 2016-04-18

I need to preface my story with an explanation, hopefully, to fend off suggestions of "copycat" or plagiarism. My childhood story so closely resembles a recent posting, called "The Tree" that some may doubt that mine is an original story. I assure you that it is. Others may not think of it is as ...

Fort George on 2016-04-13

I have submitted 3 stories to YGS. My story of the Olde Angel Inn spurred a reader to ask more about Fort George, which I mention in that story. So here it is. My previous stories have been personal accounts; this tale however, consists of two events recounted by family members. Fort George was b...

The Olde Angel Inn on 2016-03-24

This is my third story submitted to YGS. I have previously submitted occurrences titled, My Blackberry and My Mom, and also Eldon House Shoes. In 2004, my wife and I were at the (now discontinued) One Minute Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario, where we had a couple of video entries up for public a...

My Blackberry And My Mom on 2016-03-22

I am encouraged to submit my second ghost story to YGS, since people have been very kind regarding my first submission titled, "Eldon House Shoes". This submission is not the same level of encounter by far and some may even discount it completely. I will let you decide on that. This took place in Lo...

Eldon House Shoes on 2016-03-15

After reading many stories on YGS over the past couple of years, I have been encouraged to tell you one of mine. I don't have many and thankfully none happened at my house. I wrote this shortly after it occurred so that I would not forget details of it later. I added the last paragraph today to comp...

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Date: 2017-07-14
Hi Doyle09. The name Doyle and Newfoundland seem quite common together.

As far a sinks turning on, my daughter is a custodian for our local school board. She was working night shift at a school in Norwich, Ontario and was just relieving a new afternoon shift custodian. He asked if there were any ghosts in the school to which my daughter said she didn't think so. He declined to explain the reason for his question.

She was to be proven wrong that very night.

Although she was working alone, twice, she found the hot water faucet running full blast in the teacher's staff room kitchen a few hours apart that night. She also had motion detector activated lights turning on in class rooms and hall ways when she was not near those areas.

She felt it was the ghost's way of letting her know that it was indeed a haunted school.

So... Yes, ghosts seem able to turn on taps.
Macknorton, thanks for your response.

I hope that our lives aren't mapped out. While I believe the type of experiences we have are there for us to learn from, my ego, I suppose, wants to believe that we have choice in the matter.

I would like to think these are glimpses of the future but is that any less of a fixed path for us? Could we deviate from it? I suppose if we did we would never recognize it as significant if the event we dreamed of were not to take place. Hmmmm. I think I am getting into a circular thinking routine here.

Your prophetic dream certainly had more significance than my mundane one did though both illustrate the peeking into future events.

I have had other prophetic dreams but again they were always about items that had no real significance.
Hello Macknorton, while I can't explain what happened to you I have had an experience with several elements in it that are like your account.

I have always been able to recall my dreams and have a head full of them most mornings. They are often frustrating and usually bizarre but also sometimes just mundane. In this case it was of the mundane variety.

It was early spring and I had a dream that I had to pee and, due to the urgency, instead of finding a toilet I went behind a building to relieve myself. The wall I was facing was painted white with a very particular texture of wood underneath. Behind me was a forest and when I turned my head to the right there was a large recreational vehicle parked about 200 feet away.

Unfortunately for my brother, whom I shared a room with, I would regale him with my dreams every morning, exciting or not. That dream was among the ones I told him.

In June, at the end of the grade 12 school year, my gym teacher told me that he had sponsored me to go to a leadership camp with a fellow student, if I was interested. I was.

Two weeks later I was at the camp. I was in my cabin and had the urge to pee. I was too lazy to go all the way to the dining hall washroom so I went behind the cabin. As I was doing my thing I looked at the wall. It struck me then that this was exactly the same as in my dream. The forest was behind me as well. I was strangely disturbed by this and I actually did not want to look to my right because I knew what I would see.

When I finally did, sure enough, there was the RV, exactly the same as in my dream.

I returned home a few days later and to corroborate my experience I asked my brother if he recalled me telling him that particular dream and indeed he had.

I realize that this is not exactly what happened to you but there are certainly some parallels.
Hi Caves2016. I have no advice but I do have something similar.

I too have odd inexplicable randomly timed pockets of scent in my home. In my case it happens 3 or 4 times a year, is usually the smell of cigarette or, more rarely, cigar smoke. I can walk in and out of the pocket of smell in a just a couple of steps. My wife and I do not smoke, nor do we have friends who smoke. We built the house, so there are no previous owners who smoked either.

The smell disappears within a minute or two.

There does not seem to be anything else notable that occurs during one of these episodes. While I have no strong feeling about it, I do consider that it may be paranormal, such as a visit from my passed on relatives that smoked such as my father or grand father.
Date: 2017-06-09
I am not trying to dismiss any part of this encounter that may be paranormal (and this may sound mundane) but sparkling or shimmering in your vision may be a sign of an eye problem. Problems with a detaching retina can certainly cause a shimmering in part of the eye. I would have this checked immediately, to rule it out, as progression can be rapid and blinding. My daughter's vision was saved due to a speedy visit to the eye clinic and a subsequent procedure.
Date: 2017-05-19
Melda, I understand. Despite feeling that you must include those details, I do enjoy them.
Date: 2017-05-17
Hello Melda, although there is plenty of Dutch heritage in South Africa I am not sure if the same attributes are ascribed to them there as is in Canada.

After world war 2 there was a large influx of immigrants from the Netherlands to Canada (as well as other countries). It was noted that the Dutch immigrants were very thrifty. This had become become a stereotypical joke. I was born in Canada, of Dutch parents, and my cousins and Dutch friends used to enjoy this idea that we were cheap and made a lot of fun about it. It became a bit of a thrift contest between us and even our Scottish immigrant friends, who were also noted as being careful with money. Again this was all done in fun.

I am sure that other country's citizens have been inserted into the following old joke but here goes. How did copper wire get invented; a Scotsman and a Dutchman fighting over a penny.

Anyway, that is why I claim to have superhuman abilities when it comes to hearing a coin hit the floor.
Date: 2017-05-17
Roylynx, feel free to ask all the questions you like. Maybe, as well, one of them will trigger an answer from another reader that will make sense of some part of these phenomenon. I am not absolutely sure what you're asking, I hope I am answering your question correctly.

If you mean the time I had coins drop around me in the shower, no they were not from the 1960's. They were much newer. The same with my nephew, the coins were not from the 1960's
Date: 2017-05-17
Caz, I like your take on it! I am into gifts from the spirit world.

I will also have to look into the "apport" phenomenon.

I wonder from where the spirit world gets the money.
Date: 2017-05-16
Roylynx, that's really interesting about you great grandfather's coins.

Maybe it is the same kind of phenomenon but in my case and my nephew's the coins aren't particularly special.
Date: 2017-05-16
Hi Sheld999, it is odd enough that that happens but my question is always, why? What purpose could there be in hiding kid's games?

Perhaps it's just fun for them.
Lacie1990, sorry I have no guidance for you as to your questions but yes, everyone here would like it if you posted your photos.

The more evidence and information you provide the easier it is for people to give helpful advice.
Date: 2017-05-14
noirheart, I just read you account, you really had a scary time. I am glad most of my occurrences are mild in nature. I hope that your supernatural activity has taken a more pleasant turn.

Please submit your other accounts that you mentioned.
Date: 2017-05-14
noirheart, thanks for reading, I am glad you enjoy my accounts. Like you, my nephew frequently finds coins around him (not just 5 cent coins though) but for him they seem to drop from the sky. He can be walking just about anywhere and he will hear coins fall in front or behind him. Family members have witnessed this happening around him as well.

The yellow fluid is a new one to me. That is really odd. I assume that would only happen when you were outside.
Hi Argette, where in Quebec do you come from?

What I heard was not French but my two second sample was too short to make a great assessment of what it was. It was, however, totally unfamiliar. Maybe it was just messing with me.

We had an exchange student from France stay at our house for a school year. Her French teacher in France told her that if she heard Quebec French that she was really hearing something more akin to France French of 400 years ago.

Thanks for the compliment about my writing. If my English teacher could only see these comments (rest his soul) it might end my high school derived P.T.S.D.
Hello again Tweed, the jerseyguy account you pulled up is actually the one I recall, thanks.

Although extreme, I hesitate to call what jerseyguy has claimed to have experienced delusional. It seems that we have sort of settled on a limit as to how far the excursions from normal the events can be before they are discounted as ingenuine or delusional. I fight against this in myself. This whole paranormal aspect of our world is weird enough, its just that his was weirder yet. By a "rationalist's" point of view we are all way over the deep end.

I agree with flaming obvious fabrications and I wholeheartedly believe in honest debate, even if it gets a little pointed at times, but I hesitate to discount submissions because it falls to far out of my experience zone.

I appreciate you for always having constructive comments and questions. You always give me food for thought.

As far as languages, the whispering was not French as I have some skill in that language. Neither was it Slavic or Germanic sounding. I speak Dutch a little French and even less Polish. There were way too many "S" sounds to associate it with any language that I am familiar with.

Lately we had a few things happen at home that may have me considering a cleansing if it escalates.
OK valkricry, how can I resist after you called my accounts charming.

Look for my latest account soon. I will type it up and send it in when YGS next accepts them. It is by no means exciting but curious nonetheless.

I guess I am a sucker for flattery.
babygoatpuller, I like it that you enjoy my accounts. If you do reread them the Eldon House one, and the Moving Chair scared me quite a bit when they happened, the others were less scary for me and more curious occurrences.

I found the EVP story that went badly, it is titled, "Evp Warning - My Story" posted on August 18, 2015 by jerseyguy77.

As much as I try not to bring anything home, recently I have had a couple of things happen to me and one of them was in my house. I don't think just two occurrences would make for very good reading so I am hesitant to publish it. I may anyway since the remuneration is the same for an exciting story as well as a lame one.
I am glad you enjoyed it Valkricry.

There is no evidence of there being any original part of the original school left except for the original school bell, now on display. Being in maintenance I get right down into the bowels of the place and I can't find anything that is not "modern". This school's first story sits halfway below exterior grade with its footing another four feet below that. To do that all of the old structure must have been removed.

I always thought it would be cool to live in a former old school house. A friend of mine did when I was in primary school, it was done up beautifully.
babygoatpuller, sorry I did not fully respond.

As far as EVPs I have considered it but as much as I am intrigued by the paranormal I don't want to do anything that would seem like an invitation.

So far I have never intentionally talked to a ghost or done anything that would seem like I wanted them to come visit me. When going to Lorne Ave School or Eldon House (from another account of mine) My wife has told me on more than one occasion, "don't bring anything home". She did not need to say this as I am in full agreement.

Does setting out a recorder to capture the EVP phenomenon fall into the invitation category, I am not sure. One poster, who wrote to YGS sometime ago, had a very troubling account of his EVP aftermath. (Sorry I can't recall the name of the story.

I guess, as a ghost hunter, I fall into a "ghosts by serendipity" category.