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A Cool Experience on 2016-12-08

As previously mentioned in my first account, I have seen "things" my entire life. As I stated my parents have told me I would just stop and have conversations with the thin air, coming up with details no child of 3-6 ever could. I have no real memories of this, but am told I stopped doing this at ar...

Gold Coast Activity on 2016-03-15

I have always been sensitive to the, for lack of better term, paranormal. My parents have numerous stories of me just stopping in random places and having conversations with people who are not there, and working in an older (30+ years) aged care facility I have had more than my share of experiences....

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Date: 2017-09-26
Thank you very much for sharing these images, while I was unable to see the spirit in many of them others leapt out at me, and something about the plane in the first 2 images shook me though I cannot explain what.
Date: 2016-12-26
As I said in my post I did some research and her clothing seemed to be of the late 1800s era maybe 1880s. And yes the tree was quite large I think that may be why it was not removed when they were building. It did appear old but I don't know much about botany lol, so cannot be sure. Really appreciate your input it has given me something to think about.
Really intrigued by your mums theory, cannot wait for the post, it has made me view several experiences of my life with a different "filter" won't be posting those as still unsure if they would be true accounts or me reading too much into things. Thanks for the input much appreciated.
After reading Tweeds comment I too will be keeping a sharper eye out at bus stops. Thanks for the input.
No problem thanks for reading.
Sorry to you all that I took so long in replying, the life of a student/father/full time employee, I am sometimes amazed that I remember my own name lol.
Date: 2016-03-21
Sorry poppycock it was Nerang but I would love to see you post your experiences here
Date: 2016-03-20
DandK, I tried a few times but he had no interest in communicating with me. I would try after I saw him so I knew he was around but nothing. I considered using a medium or spirit board a couple of times but couldn't afford a medium and spirit boards well... No thanks. And thanks Mack.