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A Hooded Figure Who Calls Themselves Tristan on 2016-03-15

Recently I went to a friend's house and used a Ouija board. When I did so I spoke to one person then chickened out. That one person called themselves 'Tristan' and was actually quite nice. I was REALLY freaked out by the whole experience but I noticed when I was using the board and speaking to h...

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Have you tried saging the room? If that didn't/ doesn't work maybe put some Black Tourmaline and Rose quartz around and nearly any dark-colored or black stone will ward off negative energy.
"Exite" actually means "Hesitate" and in some ways "Stultus est sicut stultus facit" can mean "
She makes you stupid, You are stupid" If that's any help. Maybe whoever was speaking to you might've wanted you to leave. Your father is a smart man.