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New Zealand
I'm an open minded sceptic. I've had some experiences that I can't explain and to be honest I find them very frightening.

I don't scare easily normally, except where things that are likely to be paranormal are concerned. I find the subject fascinating but I don't like it when it happens to me.

Corporeal threats I can punch. Non corporeal threats I can't punch. Things that I can't defend myself against unnerve me.

Other than that I'm a very ordinary boring public servant.
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The Blue Lady And Other Events on 2016-04-18

It's time for me to tell you all about my experiences. First I'll tell you a little about me. I am what I call an open-minded sceptic by nature and that is how I approach all accounts of potentially paranormal events, including my own. As I do not believe that it is possible to confirm with cert...

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Date: 2017-04-05
I don't claim to have much knowledge of these things, but is signalling goodbye sufficient to safely close the session?
Also I understood there was some process (for want of a better word) around opening a session in a protected manner?

I've never used a board and don't plan to, but in general terms my understanding is that attempts at spirit contact have mental processes associated with them to facilitate a safe open and close?

Not that ed sounds at all hostile, but you never know who else is picking up the proverbial phone too
Sorry to interject, but I do have a query I'm hoping you could resolve. I don't think anyone else has answered this but I may have missed it:
1) it was stated that the details were changed to hide the location
2) it was later stated that those same details were made up because the correct details could not be recalled

Not wanting to sound negative, but is there done clarity that could be added around thus inconsistency?

I'm sure there are valid reasons why someone may need to change names or place names when posting an account, but I think it is best to state that details have been changed up front
Biblio, I can see where you get your user name from.

I 2nd 1st, King of Wellington, smiter of evil insurance companies, writer of angry letters, runner of bath, duke of the town belt and laird of all its people do proclaim you, biblio, elevated to the title of Official Group Encyvlopedia.

Arise, Sir Biblio!
Thanks for your account. An interesting one. I am not familiar with "Tokoloshe". It is described as something summoned. Any reason why someone would choose to summon it to target your brother and/or immediate co habitants?

Several comments have been made that relate to elevating a bed on props as a counter measure. Could you explain the basis in belief? Is the Tokoloshe somehow associated with floor contact? Sorry, my question is poorly phrased, I'm just wondering
Date: 2016-09-17
Well put rook, my interpretation is that it was probably because a lot of people back then were getting boards and messing with them without knowing what they were doing.

I know she was also very suspicious as boards were commonly used by fakers back then.
Date: 2016-09-16
Thanks rook, that was a very interesting read.

One of my grandmothers was considered a prominent medium in her day. From what I understand she used a variety of objects to focus, particularly some metal candlesticks and some copper horn type things. She had a crystal ball but I gather it was a tongue in cheek gift from my dad.
From what I understand, she was very anti board. I don't know for sure (she died when I was very young) but I gather she viewed the boards as something that amateurs use and keep getting themselves into trouble with.
Date: 2016-09-16
This is more of a general question on this topic, but I suppose prompted by some of the comments.
How exactly do the boards work? I understand that they originated as a pranking game produced by a now major board game production company.

In terms of actual other side contacting capability, I would presume that the board and pointer serve as a point of focus (but with the addition of handy spelling apparatus), much like a crystal, candle, artefact etc does in other approaches? I guess what I'm asking is this- is there any actual difference in using a board as opposed to any other object to focus on other than having letters to point to?
"but strangely, in all of their existence, they do not have the ability to develop their intellect and remain at a child like primitive level" mate, I think you had a spiritual encounter with Donald Trump.

Sorry, sorry, couldn't help it.
But in seriousness, and I admit I am no expert on matters of the supernatural, but some of what you are saying does worry me.

"there are rules those non living entities have to abide by in combat with the living."- are you sure? If there are rules, how are they set and how can you be sure that such rules would be followed?

"... Is what makes me so dangerous to an evil entity that would be foolish enough to attack me..."- I really don't mean to sound harsh. But people often under estimate their adversary and over estimate themselves. This happens in all forms of fighting. All you have to do is make one wrong slip once and if the other guy is quick off the mark, that's it. Doesn't matter who you are, there is no one who can guarantee they will always win. To think otherwise is a very dangerous mindset.

Also you seem to imply that you put yourself in a position to be attacked to give yourself an opportunity to best your attacker.
This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but a bait and hook ambush is always a very dangerous tactic, so much so that high end professionals will seldom attempt it unless absolutely necessary.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but I really think you need to take a less reckless approach. You are dealing with a field about which very little is known and you are tugging on its tail just to see what it does.
Interesting rook, I have a good friend and former colleague who is a doctor of archaeology and when in that field worked primarily on excavations of medieval sites in western Europe, she is also something of an expert on Scandanavian history, culture, myths and legends of her periods of interest. I might have a chat to her on the subject of olivr, Olaf and any associated observances.
Will be a couple of days as out at a conference rest of the week
Interesting. I can't claim any particular expertise, but I am confused by what appear to be culture and period specific medieval Western European apparitions in the US.
Could you describe the attire and masks in more detail? Especially the jester outfit.
Reason being I am always curious as to whether an apparition is perceived as it was or is it perceived as how the observer interprets a telepathically conveyed concept? Sorry that probably wasn't too well phrased.

Could you also explain a bit more about your witchcraft? The reason I ask that is that there seem to be a number of different meanings to the term. I gather the term generally relates to religious practices rooted in worship of or respect for spiritual entities related to the natural environment?
Date: 2016-07-29
Really good points by shelby (ownership of damaged items) and ashar (affected area limited to one domicile in the building).
The latter gets me thinking. Are incidents of a single flat within a block of flats being affected common? That would be extremely localised and would suggest that the entity draws a mental line of demarcation that aligns to a set component of components of the structure. Maybe linked to its own feelings of territory when alive?
Randy's thoughts make sense to me re perception of intrusion.
The reason you were affected and not others may be due to a sensitivity or perhaps due to what the... Other residents take exception to. As an example, I have a very good friend who lived in an... Otherwise occupied house for a time when she was a little girl. The non corporeal occupant was aggressively disposed towards her parents (occasional shoving and objects flying, highly uncomfortable feelings), but around her was very gentle (calming feelings, occasional non aggressive movement of objects and on one occasion pushing her favourite teddy bear towards her when she was frightened and crying one night). It transpired that the prior occupant, an elderly lady, had died there. I'm figuring she saw the adults as intruders but had a kindly affection for young kids.
Date: 2016-06-30
I don't have any where near the level of experience that rook has, but I will totally back that last comment. When I had my last situation, I applied a visualisation technique that tweed recommended and found it very effective. I found tweeds way of expressing the concept to be the best advice I have ever received in the counter paranormal space: "it all boils down to intent".
And the related inference that visualisation is a means of focusing intent.

There are numerous ideas about how to go about seeing off non corporeal presences, many of these ideas are fairly ritual intensive. But the more I read on this subject, the more I lean towards the position that the content and mechanics of the procedure or ritual is not so important, it serves as a way of focussing energy on an intention.
Date: 2016-06-27
So we have visual, audio, tactile and olfactory sensory engagement plus of course the dream.

Two apparitions, both very different. Two observers. Wonder if it was the same thing but interpreted differently by the senses of the two observers?

All very strange.

Anyone know if the funeral scene described reconciles with the norms for any particular area and if so at roughly what time periods? Wondering if the dream was more literal reconstruction or more symbolic?
Holy coincidences batman! I was just using my wee iPhone to listen to thunder child on the interwebz minutes before coming on here. Haven't listened to those songs in years.
When I was young I procured the two war of the worlds cassettes. I found them quite remarkable and they helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Now today I find myself thinking about them and pulling them on the interwebz and here you guys are talking about them. Awesomely cool coincidence.

Moving swiftly through the waters, cannons blazing as she came,
The mighty vessel warlord, crashing down in sheets of flame...

The whole set was a brilliant fusion of exceptional music and inspirational phrasing, a highly emotive collection.

Sorry I know I'm being off topic, just caught
Me at one of those moments:)
Date: 2016-06-23
lilpeachy, I can't claim any expertise here, but from what I can tell it appears that you are describing multiple child ghosts. Again, I'm no expert, but I would think that the chances of multiple children being happy drawn to one domicile posthumously would seem remote, at least on balance of probabilities.

Therefore, I would suggest caution. Up to you, but if you have any inclination towards trying to make contact I would suggest seeking expert advice. Preferably from many experts- as most people who class themselves as experts in this field probably aren't.

I admit that I do have a positional bias here in that my own approach to likely supernatural events is pretty much *away* *shun* *sod off* *scaring the crap out of me* *where are Bill Murray and dan ackroyd when you need them* *leave me alone* type of mentality.

Just be careful bud, multiple child ghosts in one place does not sound like a hugs and puppies situation
Date: 2016-06-22
I've read and re read this account and the comments a number of times over the last week or so. I must confess that I am mystified. I have never heard of a... I don't know what to call it... Colour perception filter maybe? Before. Interesting to hear that other posters have experienced similar.

I guess the question is... What is it? Not that any of us have a sure answer.
Given that it appears to be that it is not experienced by all present in the room, there must be a factor of the observer involved.
But is it a physical aspect, such as the ability of the eye to receive certain aspects of light? Or an aspect of the brains ability to interpret that which the eye absorbs? Or is it something that the brain somehow interprets aside from the actual optical input?

I have no idea. But it is fascinating.
Date: 2016-06-12
A root man? Sorry, ROOT MAN. I am unfamiliar with the term. Could you elaborate further on what that means? Contextually I wonder if it relates to necromancy? Few have the power to resurrect a thread so long dead.

Is there significance to the time 3:16 am? Just it seems very specific. Just wondering
Date: 2016-06-07
Hi kiiko, you mentioned that possession has three stages. Could you explain them? Just curious.
Tweed, the website is letting me up vote you again. Must be a timer.

I am finding the sleepwalking comparison to repetitive behaviour by non corporeal beings fascinating. It seems a logical comparison. Sleepwalkers will change a pattern when interacted with and so it seems will some non corporeal entities.
Apparently conscious efforts such as the flicking are not contradictory here: just because someone sleep walks doesn't mean that they don't spend much of their time awake.